This Heroic Welcome Of Younis Khan In Karachi Will Surely

This Heroic Welcome Of Younis Khan In Karachi Will Surely Give You Goosebumps

Younis Khan just bid a farewell to the beautiful game of cricket. The legendary cricketer served team Pakistan ever since many of us started watching cricket. For our national team, Younis has had replete records, he steered our team towards some impeccable victories including the iconic victory of T20 World Cup in 2009. Now the legend has retired and bidden a farewell to the game he once conquered.

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We look back and reflect upon the immaculate records he put forward in his name. We reflect upon every bit of detail that made our hearts beat in enchantment for him. He had always been a vital part of our team. He was prolific in his style of play and never failed to win our hearts whenever he walked down the pitch with his bat. Now that he has retired, cricket lovers and fans have joined hands to pour in tributes for him. The world has stood up in honor and we take pride as we bid a farewell to the legend, Younis Khan.

Younis Khan Arrived at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi and Received A King’s Welcome by Fans

He arrived on Monday in Karachi and was welcomed by a large crowd. Although Younis retired, yet he mentioned that he would still like to play. That means we could still see him feature in domestic cricket or elsewhere. He mentioned, “I will continue to promote and serve cricket.” 

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As you can see he was welcomed among political influence and is clearly surrounded by a political leader. This brought curiosity among viewers and people resorted to acquiring him if he has any plans to take part in politics or join a particular party. Younis clearly mentioned that after hanging up his boots, he does not have a clear intention of joining politics.

I just want to continue serving humanity in whichever capacity I can. I want to live and die like Abdul Sattar Edhi. – Younis Khan

Let us all wish Younis a healthy post-retirement. We would be eager to watch him again if he decides to play in domestic cricket. As for now, we bid a farewell to our legend who will be dearly missed!

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