Youngest Rapper ‘Kaky’ From Lyari Is Blowing Everyone’s Minds Away With His Amazing Rapping Skills!

Pakistan is a country that despite being surrounded by negative vibes still surprises its nation with exceptional artistry. The talent and skill the country has is far beyond expectations and its emerge never disappoints the watchers. As the rap culture is now taking over the youth, time to time, different platforms are seen promoting the journey of deft artists rising from places with limited resources to topping the charts.

Kaky – The youngest rapper from Lyari, Karachi who gathered praises worldwide!

Know as the most diverse city of Pakistan, Karachi holds the flag of mixed race and multi-culture megalopolis. Among the evolvement of the music industry of the country, recently, a young skilled rapper became the newest attraction. Going by the name “Kaky”, a little boy from Karachi took everyone’s breath away (literally) after his rapping video called “Thousand” took social media by storm. The video even received appreciation from the other side of the border and Pakistanis are way too proud.

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Check out this amazing young talent from Karachi that broke the internet by his startling “Thousand” rap!

In collaboration with some other brilliant rappers, Kaky showed everyone what Karachi is all about. With the stellar performance and perfect ending, the little energetic rapper aims to make it big in the future because ‘ye Karachi hai sab ko batana hai’. The rap song is majorly comprised of the description of the metropolis and the unique way in which it was portrayed stole the show.

What Karachi actually is!

Previously, Karachi has given Pakistan’s music industry some other exceptional rapping groups like Lyari Underground, Young Stunners and more. Earlier this year, a female from Lyari stepped in the rapping genre and her different way of encouraging other women left everyone in sheer awe. Known as Eva Baloch, Pakistan’s first-ever female rap artist from Lyari, her different approach of encouraging other women is truly inspiring.

Not just rapping, Karachi’s Lyari is full of passionate footballers who desire to make it to the official stadiums someday. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is one incredible country with an underrated badge and a lot to explore. Luckily, with time, the talented minds are coming upfront, showing the world what the country has and what it’s wonderful people are capable of.

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