Struggles Only the Youngest Child “Chotu” Can Relate To!

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As I entered the lounge, my brother who was lying on the sofa and watching TV, ordered me in a very low and polite tone to bring him a glass of water. When I turned, another order was placed and this time it was for the bowl of fruits. Well, after cursing Sheitan Buzurg, I calmly said Labbaik to his list of commands which he had prepared for me.

And he did all of this because I am the “chota” of my home. Sometimes, I feel like I am the same chota any car repairing shop would have. Other mazalim you’ve to bear in your own beloved home, are listed below:

You Open the Door All The Time


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You open the door for Khala Shamsa. You open the door for Mamo Javaid and Mami Fakhra. You open the door for Zubaida. You open the door for Sahiwal walay Chachu and Khala. You open the door for the Plumber, Sabzi wala, Darzi and everyone except yourself.


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This one time, nobody opened the door for me, when I came home after a shitty day from University, And I WAS PISSED. You don’t want to know what happened.


You Don’t Usually Share Your Food


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You secretly eat your stuff in the kitchen so that you don’t have to share your food with your siblings.You are always in debt.


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Your elder Siblings bully you. You have been told that you are adopted. It’s the truth.


Source: Goodreads

You are the Receptionist, The Guard and Waiter of the House.


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You are the peacemaker between your “Aba Jee” and your Siblings.


Source: You are living your story

Ammi always sends YOU to bring “cheeni, shimla mirch” or “chai k pati” from Mami’s house.



You are often the messenger.
“Mami, Ami pouch rahi hain bazar ka plan pakka hai”?


Source: Odyssey

Your nickname is “Baby”

However, being the ‘chota’ is not all about the tortures and mistreatments, sometimes you also get huge benefits for it. The lion’s share from every birthday cake, the clothes of any brother and sister you want, and last but not the least, you have the power of mellow tone in your voice with which you can call your father at the last moment for ice-cream and he’ll never say no!

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