Famous Rap Band Of Pakistan ‘Young Stunners’ Shocks Fans With The News Of Their Split!

We didn’t see it coming and what just happened was unexpected!

We all know that Rap music is a genre that has mesmerized billions including us. For a long time, we Pakistani’s were lacking our very own representation in the ‘Rap’ world. Until “The Young Stunners” came rising out of the block and took the world of Pakistani music by storm.

The “Young Stunners” consisted of two rappers, Talha Yunus and Talha Anjum. They, with their huge talent and some mind-blowing verses, immediately caught the attention of the whole nation. The underground rappers surely made us realize the true potential of talent in Pakistan. That was until the shocking news of their split broke the internet.


Here’s how it all started! Yeah, you need to know this!

So recently, Talha Anjum, one of the members of Young Stunners took to Instagram and posted a video. The video in question took the world by storm as he announced in the video that he will no longer be a part of Young Stunners. The announcement came as a shock to their fans as there were no signs, prior to the event of the band splitting up.

Talha Anjum didn’t seem to happy about it. Have a look!

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Thanks! ?

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As you can see, Talha Anjum tried to clarify to his fans that there were many reasons behind the band splitting up.  However, once the video went viral, the whole of the internet was waiting to see how the other half of the Young Stunners would respond to the situation.


And here’s what Talha Yunus had to say!

In a classic Young Stunners style, it took no time for Talha Yunus to respond to his mate. In a video again posted on Instagram, this is what Talha Yunus had to say:

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This is it, all love ???

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As Talha Younis said that, “We could have made a video together and addressed the issue” which means that there is still some room for reconciliation, and that is the light of hope we, as Young Stunner fans needed.

After both of the videos got their deserved attention, the fans of the two quickly went into a frenzy and started posting their reactions. The internet does not want the two to break up, that’s clear as we see their reactions!

This hurts.

Let’s wait for what happens next!

The sudden news of Pakistan’s brightest hopes for rap culture splitting up surely is not a good sign for the future. Irfan Junejo the famous YouTuber foresaw this gap that these two might leave if they actually call it quits. Irfan, who has worked with the band on multiple projects posted a story on Instagram and also appreciated working with them. Commenting on his thoughts, he suggested “Instead of doing a battle, you guys should instead do a rap battle” and asked their fans to tag them both and do a rap battle.

Here’s what he said!

Well, looks like Irfan Junejo just came up with a solution for these two. He said exactly what was in the heart of every Pakistani. We surely don’t want our brightest talent to split up and deprive us of great verses. We, at Parhlo second the opinion suggested by Mr. Junejo and urge the two to rise above their differences for the sake of greatness.

Let us know what you think about the scenario in the comments below!

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