Young Doctor In Sindh Commits Suicide Fearing He Will Contract Coronavirus

A Young Doctor In Sindh Commits Suicide Fearing He Will Contract Coronavirus

With every passing day of coronavirus and lockdown in consequence to it, a series of bad news has kept coming in. Another sad news to that list is Dr. Tahir Almani who committed suicide due to the fear of coronavirus as the hospital he worked for had insufficient protective gear to fight against the virus.

The doctor belonged to the district Tando Muhammad Khan. He was a resident of Village Sono Khan Almani, serving as an anesthetist at the ICU department, Liaquat University Hospital, Hyderabad/Jamshoro.

It wasn’t his first attempt

The sources say that Dr. Tahir Almani, who was just 27 years old, a talented boy belonging to sound family background, had attempted to commit suicide a few weeks prior to his final attempt. Seems like there was something severely disturbing the doctor psychologically.

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What made him commit suicide?

It was revealed that the young doctor had been depressed for days because he was forced to work at the hospital where there were not enough protective gear for the doctors to carry operations. The young doctor feared he might carry the virus. He might pass it on to his family who would suffer because of him. This has been the case with many other health workers, doctors, nurses during the pandemic.

Knowledge is NOT strength

Dr. Tahir knew too much of the consequences. He felt too much for others around him that all of it made him take such drastic action. What went through the mind of the young doctor who was empathetic, sensitive, and caring to his society is something we may never understand. He indeed deserves our deepest reverence for taking the situation is his own hands and battling the alarming possibility himself. But was it an act of valor or submission to depression – we cannot judge. From where we see, it is only an unfortunate occurring that resulted in another demise of a talented individual.

Incompetent authorities

Now, this is what’s messed up. It was revealed that the doctor had sent in resignation to the hospital administration that threw him in a lengthy process in response. And apparently that is how government procedures go. The length of the procedure was so long that the young doctor had to apply for leaves. Depression was eating him up so much so that he couldn’t survive another day at the hospital.

After struggling with the entire procedure, the hospital did let him off but just for 7 days while he pleaded for 15. His family had to step in to press the administration. And as soon as the time period ended, he was asked to rejoin the hospital for the already lack of doctors at the hospital.

The hospital administration pressured him

When he was pressured again by the hospital authorities, he made his first attempt at committing suicide by cutting his wrist 15 days before his final attempt. The horrible attempt got him leaves for another few days. However, upon returning back to the hospital, two days later the young doctor took his own life.

What do his friends say?

His friends and colleagues say that he was extremely depressed. He didn’t want to go to the hospital because he feared he’d get coronavirus. He couldn’t let his family suffer through the sickness at his expense and eventually, he decided to put an end to his long-lasting misery. Many respectable doctors have lost their lives to coronavirus but this young doctor only died in fear of it.

One of his friends said on the incident, “this is not suicide of Dr. Tahir Almani. It was the suicide of our Hospital administration, it was the suicide of our Government. It was the suicide of our dreams of the dignity of the white coat. May ALLAH bless him with a high rank in Jannat. Ameen.” And we add Ameen to the humble dua.


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