This Young Boy’s Tragic Death While Playing Cricket Is a Wake Up Call for Everyone

Cricket – A sport loved by many has proven to be fatal at times. Many notable cricketers have died while playing the game and have suffered serious injuries. As we talk about this, a recent has taken place in Mardan, Peshawar, and here’s what had happened:

According to sources, Zubair Ahmed, a young boy from Mardan, Peshawar, was batting in a club match played on 14th August 17, 2017. The ball had hit Zubair on his head and he passed away. He was also part of Fakhar Zaman’s Academy.


The news was out when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)  shared this tragic news on Twitter stating, “Tragic death of Zubair Ahmed is another reminder that safety gear i.e. helmet must be worn at all times. Our sympathies with Zubair’s family”.

Former Australian cricketer and commentator, Dean Jones also expressed his condolences on Twitter …

This incident is a harsh reminder for all those sportsmen who choose not to wear protective gears while playing sports. Despite a sport being safe, it’s always better to wear protective gears. This incident shows that Zubair was not wearing a head gear due to which the ball had proved to be fatal.

Do you guys remember that Phillip Hughes was also hit by a bouncer in November 2014? Hughes got hit on the neck and was rushed to the hospital where he passed away two days later. However, during that period at the hospital, he never regained his consciousness.

Stay safe because your lives are precious. Follow preventive measures to avoid such incidents. 

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