This Young APS Student Gives A Heartbreaking Tribute To His Fellow School-Mates He Lost 2 Years Ago

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They Went To Study And Never Came Back.

16-12-14 – the day when we lost innocent brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends and students. The day which will always remain as a dark day in the history of Pakistan. We lost our future on that horrible, friends lost their friends and mothers lost their children.

The tragedy of APS school that happened two years ago is still fresh in our minds. Waking up to the news of how students, who left their homes to get education never came back. It is a day when the entire Pakistan mourned because we lost innocent individuals who had nothing to do with terrorism or anything bad in this country.

“Baba Mere, Pyare Baba, Mujhko Bhi Tum, Yaad Aate Hu.

Mama Meri, Pyari Mama, Mujhko Bhi Tum, Yaad Aati Hu.”

These heart-touching words were beautifully sung by a young APS student earlier today as a tribute to the students we lost 2 years ago.

Ye Na Samjhna Haar Gaya Hu, Main Duniya Sae Bhagg Gaya Hu,

Beta Hu Main Tera Baba, Aaj Yaqeen Hai Mera, Baba.

Tumko Fakhar Hai Mujhpe, Baba,

Naaz Hai Tujhko, Mujhpe, Baba.

Sehle Na Ye, Judai, Baba,

Jo Kismaat Main Ai Hai Baba.

Khuwabo Main Ab, Baat Rahe Gi,

Yaad Hi Tere Sath Rahe Gi.

Each and every single word holds great importance in the hearts of the parents who lost their children on this day.

The incident that took place in Army Public School years ago shook us to the magnitude we cannot begin to express. Hundreds of students were brutally killed and a blood bath we refuse to delete from our minds. There was and there is nothing we can do to save those children. 2 years and to continue forever, these young martyrs will always remain in our memories.

There are no words to express the feelings crossing the hearts of these families even after 2 years. The moment affected us all so much that we all consider today’s date as one of the darkest moments in the history of Pakistan. Imagine the pain these families must be going through, knowing they lost their children in such an awful manner, knowing they were innocent and victimized due to something they had no relation with.




May Allah grant patience to the families in their tough moments of remembrance, Ameen. 16th December will always remain a Black Day in the history of Pakistan.

Never forget!


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