You Won’t Believe What Marriages In This Culture Are Actually Like

Marriage, we have all heard this word and we all have to go through this process at a certain time in our lives but the thing is, are we all aware of what it actually means? lets start with what’s the part of this culture nowadays.


The Ill’s Of Society

A girl who’s just 16 starts getting proposals, no matter what her dreams are, whether she wants to be a doctor, an engineer or an entrepreneur or whatever. It doesn’t matter, if she starts chasing her dreams then she would get older. Maybe 26 or God forbid 27 this is the point when she will stop getting proposals because people look at it like she is 50. It doesn’t matter if the boy is 27 but he wants his partner to be 17 or 18 anything older then that is not acceptable.

What Really Goes On

Now when she starts getting proposals at 16, Her parents start inviting those rishta wali aunties to their place and the boy’s family. Now this girl is asked to come with a dish or food trolley which will decide that whether she is going to be selected or not.


How The Girl Is Treated

The boy starts staring at her without realizing that he is being noticed. The parents of that boy start, with the list of questions they have in their mind and the first question is ” Khana kia kya paka leti ho”? waow, she has just passed her 10th standard , and all she knows at the moment is the formula for calculating the base of a square or newton’s theory. Then after having a wonderful feast the guests end up saying “Hum apko soch kar bataenge”….


Game over! Now if they accept her, then say good bye to the dreams that the girl had harbored and if they reject her then no worries another girl is waiting for them but wait there’s more!


The girl who got rejected starts thinking that she might be ugly or she is not as good as others. she might not have nice hair or pretty features. so this 60 minute meeting left the girl with a complex that she is not fit for anyone that’s why she got rejected .


So Can We Say That Boys Are Superior?

I am against this culture so you people must be thinking that what is the solution, young man? Alright, the solution is simple, first of all for the parents of daughters.

Stop taking away the dreams of your daughter,she has all the right to do what she likes. Secondly, have a honest conversation, Tell them its okay to be whatever they want to be. Without caring about what the world will say, do what makes your child happy.


Some tips for the families of boys

First of all say NO to this societal norm of judging girls like they have entered some sort of beauty contest fades with time, your son will  have to live with her personality and nature for his whole life. Prefer looking at the nature of the girl rather than her beauty. Secondly, it doesn’t matter that if your son is double MBA from LUMS, try to make him a good person first, the girl doesn’t need his degrees all she need is love.

last but not the least why  people want a daughter in law who is in her teens? Is your son mature enough to handle young girl like her parents do? Stand up and bring the change to this society, we made this culture and only we can change it…. 


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