You won’t BELIEVE how much Tax Money Imran Khan saved during the Oath-Taking Ceremony

Prime Minister Imran Khan. It feels very good to say those words. The Kaptaan got a well-earned victory and was finally elected as our Prime Minister yesterday at the Oath-Taking ceremony.

Everyone on the internet is talking about Imran Khan’s urdu skills after he fumbled up a few words while he was taking his oath. Has anyone spoken about how much money he saved the Pakistan Government?

All expenses paid for the Oath-Taking Ceremony are undertaken by the government. This means that money taken from us in the form of taxes is being used to pay for the ceremony.

source: Twitter

An oath-taking ceremony is a grand affair. Dignitaries from all over the world and politicians from all over Pakistan are there for the historic moment as a new leader is chosen for the country. In Pakistan, the cost for serving food to so many guests would be in the millions.

So it came as a very unexpected gesture when Imran Khan cancelled all food order for his Oath-Taking ceremony. This saved the Pakistan Government an estimated 2,000,000 rupees of their money. That’s 6 zeros of our tax money that can now be spent on improving Pakistan’s infrastructure!

Not only that. Our Prime Minister’s actions inspired the Sindh Government to do the same! They cancelled all food orders for the Chief-Minister’s Oath Taking Ceremony and served tea and plain biscuits at the event. This saved the Sindh Government an estimated 2.5 million rupees of their money!

source: WikiMedia

This is the tabdeeli we’ve all been waiting for. We have seen people come and go from the Prime Minister’s House but there have been very few (or none) who have ever taken such steps for the people of this nation. Imran Khan won’t even be living at the PM House. Which means there will be no costs of running it, thereby saving money again!

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