You Should Only Marry A Pathan Girl When…

Marrying a Pathan girl is not easy, especially if you are not Pathan yourself. You need unimaginable amounts of ‘himmat’ when planning to marry such a woman and of course it still won’t be easy. There will be a number of things you will have to prepare for. Hence only marry a pathan girl when…

1. You Can Face Her Elder Brothers With Out Flinching


2. For That Matter Even Her Chota Bahi Is Pretty Scary

D 103455-13   X 7498-03   Child Soldier. Obligatory Credit - CAMERA PRESS / Afghan Media Research Centre. Archive image of a child soldier of the Mujahideen factions who were fighting amonst themselves, holding a rifle in 1990, a year after the Soviets had withdrawn from Afghanistan.

        3. When You Can Ask Her Father For Her Hand


4. When You Can Carry One Of These Better Than Her Sister Can


5. When You Have A Crazy Shikar Story Like Her Family Does


6. When You Aren’t Afraid That You Will Get Shot By Her Mother

7. When All Of Her Relatives Will Talk About You In Pashto & You Won’t Understand A Thing


8. When You Are Ready To Meet The Guy She Was Supposed To Marry


9. When You Can Tie One Of These With Out Falling Over


10. When You Try To Look Pathan But . . .


But She Is Absolutely Worth It!!



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