You Need To See This Smartphone That Is Setting The Internet On Fire With Its Gorgeous Design

The title would suggest that the phone I am talking about is the type of phone you have seen as conceptual designs or in science fiction movies. The phone that is all screen. The phone that is edge-less. Brace yourself, in reality, something like this is finally here!

It’s here and it’s no Samsung or Apple doing the honors. It is the lesser famed, Xiaomi moving in with the release.



Xiaomi’s latest offering, the Mi Mix is one cool phone that is extremely different from everything we know. With its cutting edge specs and fascinating design, it beats every smartphone out there.

Xiaomi is known to copy the best features from Samsung and Apple and implement those on its models, but this time it is not the case. This time it is setting the bar itself.

Take A Look At The Designing

The 91.3% screen-body ratio makes sure that even though the body of Mi Mix is the same size of Note 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, the 6.4 inch screen size beats them all. The body is all ceramic and with MoHs of 8; this is the hardest substance to be used on smartphones.

As the screen of the Mi Mix covers the whole top of the phone, there is no room for front camera, traditional earpiece and the proximity sensor. That sounds bad, right?

Now this is the catch! It is a piezoelectric speaker which uses a metal frame to generate sound through a bone-conduction solution. The traditional proximity sensor is replaced by ultrasonic one and the camera goes at the bottom. All this is done to accommodate the huge 6.4 inch screen.



The captive touch buttons are replaced by the onscreen buttons to accommodate more space for the screen. As the whole phone is made with ceramic, the only physical buttons; power and volume buttons are also made of the same material.

The Mi Mix 18K is also has 18K gold rims around its camera and the fingerprint sensor at the back.



Storage Capacity

While the regular Mi Mix has houses 4 GB RAM and 128 GB Internal Storage Capacity, the 18K version boosts to 6GB and 256 GB respectively. Both models house the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Chipset.

Camera Details

Mi Mix features a 16 MP back camera while the front facing stands at 5 megapixels. It also features a huge battery capacity of 4,400 mAh justified by the massive screen size.

Price Details

The regular Mi Mix with 4 GB RAM is priced at RMB 3,499 (or Rs. 54,100) and the Mi MIX 18K with 6 GB RAM sells at RMB 3,999 (or Rs. 61,800).

For now this gorgeous ‘conceptual’ phone from Xiaomi, hasn’t seen a global launch yet and is only catering the Chinese market. Hoping to put our hands soon on this beauty.

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