Read This If You Think Your Life Isn't Going According To Your Plan

You Need To Read This If You Think Your Life Isn’t Going According To Your Plan

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It’s 2018, You are going through your teenage. Your life is thrashing you and shaking you in this phase of life. Your expectations are hurting you. Artifical attachments are killing you. People you own are not valuing you and your emotions.

In the world of standards, you are struggling to be the best. You are habitual of comparing yourself with others and results of your comparison disappoint you always for being not the best among all.

Your sensitive nature leads you to overthink and overthinking results into depression and cries. Every better person with better lifestyle is in front of your eyes and you are ignoring people who are struggling more than you in their lives.

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Your sensitive nature leads you to overthink and overthinking results into depression and cries. You know people and their caring is just a formality. You are having dozens of a friend but no one is really able to make you feel better. You are alone warrior of your journey.

In such stance, you need to be determined. Believe in one thing Allah is making you struggle for a better purpose. He is shaking you for the best cause.

Never doubt about the planning of Allah, He is the best planner. Never doubt about blessings of Allah, He is beneficent and merciful. He will make life beautiful for you. He will bless you beyond your expectations. He will give you a better replacement for what you lost!

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