You Need To Know About These Pakistani Stars Who found Success in Hollywood

For quite some time, we have been enjoying an ever-increasing list of famous celebrities in Pakistan who are relishing their immense reputation in Bollywood. However, do you know of those stars who did an equally superb job after stepping into Hollywood?

We have gathered some of our prominent superstars who seized all the limelight of Hollywood, and convinced the world to take notice of their talent.

1. Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan

Speaking of talent, there is no parallel to this musical maestro. Not only did he spread his magic through his songs and qawwalis in sub-continental region, his voice was well renowned in Hollywood as well.

He was wanted in Dead Man Walking, Any Given Sunday, and even Natural Born Killers for his musical masterpieces.

2. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Sharmeen was always considered among those who would climb to greater things in life. When she bagged her Emmy awards for Taliban Generation in 2010, and then for Saving Face in 2012 people knew that was not the end of her story.

She went on to win an Oscar Award for Saving Face in the Best Documentary category. Hopefully she will be doing even bigger projects in the future.

3. Mahnoor Baloch

A person forsaken by time itself, this beauty debuted in Hollywood as a lead role in movie Torn. The movie was about a mother whose son got killed in a bomb blast.

However, security forces and investigators made her son as a major suspect in the attack. Her stunning performance gave us reasons to watch that movie.

4. Meesha Shafi

For a movie that received praises from all over Pakistan, Meesha Shafi played a role of Bina in The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The movie is based on a novel by Mohsin Hamid.

Given a character who is a sister of the protagonist, she blended herself in that role superbly such that she received numerous praises from critics.

5. Strings

We all know who Strings are. The whole subcontinent knows them. Famous for their catchy albums and lyrics, they stepped into Hollywood to work in the making of Spiderman 2.

Yes, the sub-continental release of that movie had an official soundtrack played by them. “Naa Janay Kyun” is one song that every Pakistani must have listened to at least a hundred times.

6. Adnan Siddiqui

The gentleman figure of Pakistan, Adnan Siddiqui received immense fame after his debut in Hollywood’s A Mighty Heart. The film featured Angelina Jolie, so we can obviously predict how much the movie rose in terms of ranks.

These are just a few celebrities that we have mentioned. However, they certainly are not the only ones and there are a lot more. Hopefully, there are more to come as well. With Pakistan’s entertainment industry steadily improving, we are hopeful of seeing many future stars who would make us proud in future.

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