You Might See This Chai Wala From Islamabad In An Upcoming Drama

You Might See This Chai Wala From Islamabad In An Upcoming Drama Serial

Chai Wala Islamabad

While Pakistani girls fight over Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan, it appears that someone else might take over the television industry of Pakistan. This Chai Wala from Islamabad has taken the internet by storm. Girls find it hard to get their eyes off him. It’s not just his pretty face… but the way he carries himself. They blue-eyed stunner is hotter than the chai he makes. We won’t be surprised if he starts getting modeling offers or an offer to star in any upcoming Pakistani drama. Here’s how people are going over him…

Some Got Stumped Instantly by the Looks of this Chai Wala from Islamabad

Some Used His Picture To Justify Why Pakistani Men Are Ranked 3rd Sexiest On The Planet

That Goes Without Saying…

Some Envied Him

Yes or No, You Decide!

Some Started India-Pakistan Debate Again… Well, Is There Even A Comparison? :/

Some People Found Potential Match For Their ‘Chai K Charsi’ Friends

Even Guys Were Found Drooling Over Him…

Well, who knows…

Wishful Thinking…

The way this chai wala from Islamabad got fame overnight, it won’t be a surprise for us to see him in an upcoming drama or movie. If he does, no one would be happier than we are because that might change his life forever. Social media is a powerful tool, let’s see how it changes his life. If this guy becomes famous, he will owe it all to Jiah Ali for taking this next level picture and making it go viral.

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