You Might Not Know This But Art Plays A Major Role In Our Lives

You Might Not Know This But Art Plays A Major Role In Our Lives

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While listening to Arif Lohar’s “Jugni” or Atif Aslam’s “Tajdar-e-Haram” does anyone ever wonder which discipline of knowledge it belongs to? The importance of music? I believe that every human being on this planet likes some kind of music. Yet, I come across just a minority saying they want to take up music as their career.

Why can’t our society think beyond the professions of medicine and engineering? Why can’t we consider arts as an option for both males and females? Our society does not let this particular stereotype break. No one realizes how tables without texture, bedsheets without the beautiful patterns or walls without paintings would look like -dull and dreary.


Can you even imagine how our lives without TV shows would be (try imagining a world without Chandler’s sarcasm!)? Life would be monotonous! Art is, literally, everywhere around us; Architecture, street murals, theatre and much more! Any form of human effort which shows workmanship aiming at the achievement of artistic purpose is known as art. Art brings small joys in our lives in various forms e.g figurines you have around the house or motivational or inspirational posters you have in your room.

Posters and billboards unknowingly play a vital role in our lifestyle, for example, political ads and flyers all around the city would keep you ruminating about politics. In several parts of the world, painting is not only considered as a form of art but as a means of expressing feelings. Numerous people around the globe prefer to demonstrate their feelings through this skill.

Source: Hena Ali

Dancing, an act people did before the word was created, is an activity that boosts your self-esteem and metabolism along with contentment. Unique emotions are the conveyed through this style of art. Dancing is also considered a form of therapy. Watching dance and performing it, both can amuse an individual.

Art is a comforting notion in our lives that could be a source of entertainment too. More examples include poetry, drama, movies etc. All these genres of art have a crucial influence on your lives. Purpose of art is spiritual and philosophical healing of the society. I believe that arts, in societies like us is much undervalued. Communities restrict themselves to a specific mindset. I feel that it is time we start spreading our concern to individuals because this world cannot thrive only on doctors and engineers. Even they require a certain mode of art to rely on!

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