You Have More to Fear From Your Friends Than Your Enemies…

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Perhaps, it is a normal part of growing up to be wary of future and insecurities that come along. It is trivial for us to worry about things we do not possess. We as social beings have the propensity to evaluate each other’s worth based on materialistic factors. In the process, we disregard the happiness of being. We contemplate about the past that is dead and future which is uncertain, yet malleable.

We ought to cherish the uniqueness of self, even when others deride us because honestly, you scare them. You are mocked for the fact that you have some knack and they do not. So, what they attempt to do is shake your cognitive foundations by implanting insecurities. Since the human mind is prone to taking in half-truths and projecting them like facts, but what occurs as a result, such thoughts become embedded in our mental life. Resultantly, we transpire such falsehoods in our attitudes. We often forget, our mental life is under our control. We may enrich it by looking at our scars & wrinkles as lessons and badges of honor.

Source: Medical News Today

Instead of being bogged down and wearing out our neurotransmitters on frivolous matters, which do not have any footing in reality, we must reflect on our idiosyncrasies that make us “different”. As Benjamin Disraeli said, “youth is a blunder, manhood struggle and old age regret.” So, it is discernible from this quote, that human beings are predictable. About doubts, well, we must become stronger internally.

Source: The Islamic Monthly

There are numerous ways to achieve that, some would say spirituality, others would vouch for goal and finding meaning. There are no wrong answers, a bit of everything works well. We must cultivate the connection with the “highest being” who resides within us all. Religion personifies him as “God”. So it is to say “He” resides in all of us and his home is our subconscious mind. Our consciousness is prone to distortion by external forces, such as setbacks, poverty, war, the death of a loved one or a heartbreak. All such incidents remind us of our inability to control reality, so that is when we ought to invoke the mercy of “Allah” who resides within.

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One must know his worth, that is another tool to purge insecurities out of consciousness. The truth is everyone is going to let you down, it is up to you to decide who is worth being tormented by. As Robert Greene said, “You have more to fear from your friends than your enemies!” So, that reminds us, those close to us feel the pinch more from our successes and happiness. It’s not that they do not want you to be happy, but it often reminds them that they’re stagnant in life. So it compels them to barrage their animosity on you. It is natural, “why should you have more?!!”.

They forget one thing, it is them who need to work on themselves. That they are unwilling to put in the effort, after all, it is easy to snatch other’s happiness than to cultivate your own. Finding purpose and happiness in oneself requires some substance, it could be material, intellectual or “social”. That calls for one to burn some glucose and generate neural pathways for which effort is required. Most of all, here, the uniqueness of oneself comes into play. This factor makes others envy. Consequently, they evince rancor, since the latter subliminally suggests they are somehow less than human.

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