You Cannot Miss These 5 Heartwarming Ads Aired this Ramadan!

It is said, “There is nothing more impressive than first impression”. This statement perfectly depicts advertisements, be they are online or offline. If they don’t catch your attention at first glance and are simply to fill up the time slot of 30 seconds, they are totally unremarkable. However, the advertisement fraternity of Pakistan much less impress, instead, distresses the viewer. We have the example of Tarang Liquid Tea Whitener, Jazz casting Nargis Fakhri, Faiza Beauty Cream etc. However, thankfully, there are some amazing advertisements that some agencies put together.

Why so amazing? Because in a short amount of time, they tell stimulating, fascinating and inspiring stories. These ads make you feel something.

This Ramadan, a lot of ads have decorated your TV screen but only few of them stand remarkable. Let’s have a look!

Surf Excel

The hero of this 2-minute long advertisement is a lovable boy who puts on his best clothes and goes out on the streets with his friends right before iftaar (breaking of fast) begins. When he spots an old samosa vendor’s cart stuck in a ditch on his way to the market, he takes his friends to help him. The little boy takes some of the samosas in his kurta and goes out to the market, screaming, “Samose le lo, garam garam samosa!”

My eyes burst into tears when I saw the little effort of these children for helping the old man. I think you too, should put the tissue paper along your side…

You Can Not Miss These 5 Heartwarming Ads Aired this Ramadan!


Pepsi – Lighting up Lives

Following their own impressive footprints, Pepsi has once again re-launched their campaign of lighting up lives by donating Rs.1 on purchase of every 1.75 litre bottle this Ramadan too. Hamza Ali Abbasi led the whole advertisement with his acclaimed appearance, but we missed Sanam Saeed, Saira Yousuf and Azfar Rehman, who were not casted in the ad this time. For the voice over, once again Abida Parveen – truly the legend – was chosen for truly, the perfect combo.

Wall’s Creamy Delights

No love is greater than that of a parent for their child. And Wall’s Creamy Delights has portrayed this notion gorgeously in the ad. Ramadan and Eid are the most special occasions when you see all the fathers try their level best to give everything to their children, especially for son.

The little boy was feeling lonely and missing his father who was out of the city and serving as a doctor in a hospital. He wrote a letter in which he illustrated all his feelings.

After reading the letter, the father’s expressions stole the advertisement, locking in that roller coaster of feelings.

You Can Not Miss These 5 Heartwarming Ads Aired this Ramadan!

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Lipton Tea

In our busy lives, we barely have time for our family and friends. But Ramadan gives you the opportunity to not only spend some quality time with your family during Seheri and Iftar, but to extend your time to think of, and help others – particularly needy people. In the new ad for Lipton Tea, three different stories have been covered. This ad will surely motivate you to do some good work!

Meezan Cooking Oil and Banaspati

Ramadan is the toughest time for the mothers as they have to prepare the Seheri and Iftar on time. With keeping their fasts, it is definitely not an easy job. This ad superbly shared the idea for how family members can care for the mothers.

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