You Better Be Safe-Dark Army Is Watching Your Every Move

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In this generation, people think they are safe in every way because they got some smart tech gadgets that will help them away to face inconvenient situations. They don’t know that they need to be safe because Dark Army is watching them.

But that’s not true really, no doubt smart technologies have made our life so much convenient in every way that we don’t need to work hard.

But many people don’t know that these smart tech gadgets are destroying our life very easily, not only physically or mentally but also personally as well. 

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Smart tech such as Smartphones, laptops, etc. are one of the best inventions by tech developers and we all love to use them even they have become part of our life.

Without tech gadgets, we cannot live that’s how our life is running nowadays. Everyone enjoys it because it entertains us, but we always forget to see the Dark side of it.

We should ask ourselves that from this tech our personal life is safe or not? We are living in the 21st century where everything is possible. Then how can we not expect someone will sneak into our smartphones and take every information they want.

Many incidents took place where personal life has been destroyed. People who do such things in normal terms known as “Hackers” but in reality, they are “Dark Web or Dark Army” watching you so you need to be safe.

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Their only aim is to destroy people’s lives but the main question rose here how we can protect ourselves from such dangerous people? There are many ways to do that but there are some possible and legit ways to protect ourselves.  

Hackers got a vast amount of members who work together and try to earn money by hacking someone’s system and exposing their personal or legal files.

They are a bunch of scary ghosts that no one might want in their life. Never consider hacking as a professional skill, because it’s not, in legal terms it’s an act of crime that is illegal.

One of the main reasons found that why easily hackers hack someone’s phone or system because some of the users don’t believe in using protection tools.

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Hacking in an old Operating System is an easy way to do it rather than an updated version. This keeps hackers from accessing your computer through vulnerabilities in outdated programs.

Even there are some facts you should need to know about this dark army watching you to understand more about it and be safe.

For extra protection, enable Microsoft product updates so that the Office Suite will be updated at the same time. Consider retiring particularly susceptible software such as Java or Flash. That will also update your old security programs as well.

Ways To Avoid Dark Army & Stay Protected

If you are using any device in business dealing, recording sales, purchases, etc. then kindly delete all of your traces that will lead them towards it.

Consider using d-ban to erase your hard drive. For those looking to pillage your recycled devices, this makes information much more difficult to recover.

If the information you’d like to protect is critical enough, the best tool for the job is a chainsaw.

Not only your smartphones but also Smart TV have also been attacked by hackers. They target the microphones voice notes and other such stuff that can be hacked.

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Source:Hacker News Bulletin

According to some records: hackers turn Smart TV into fake turn mode that is not turned off. But the owner believes it is off, then they set secretly voice records and sends them to some agencies.

Another most important thing is to not use open Wi-Fi which is one of the dangerous things to do.

It makes it too easy for hackers to steal your connection and download illegal files.

Protect your wifi with an encrypted password, and consider refreshing your equipment every few years.

Some routers have vulnerabilities that are never patched. Newer routers allow you to provide guests with segregated wireless access.

Make Your Password More Unique & Difficult

Plus, they make frequent password changes easier. Apart from that as much we are getting advanced technologies, we doing more silly things. Speaking Password is one of the silliest things most people do just to avoid typing.

Lock your phone and make the timeout fairly short. Use fingerprint lock for the iPhone and passkey or swipe for Android.

“It’s easy to forget that mobile devices are essentially small computers that just happen to fit in your pocket and can be used as a phone,”

says Jean-Philippe Taggart, Senior Security Researcher at Malwarebytes.

“Your mobile device contains a veritable treasure trove of personal information and, once unlocked, can lead to devastating consequences.”

Another way that hackers most target is email addresses, they know in emails they can get a massive amount of information they want.

Your password should be very unique and unidentical from every aspect.

Along with that never use your authentic email address if you like any article or blog and want to comment on it because you never know who wrote that blog or whose running that website.

Many of the times you have seen in the movie, professional people used to cover their laptop camera and other webcams with black tape.

Because they know the hacking camera is one of the main things hackers do mostly. So we should do that if we are or not living a professional life.

Last but important no matter what field you are working, or having a normal life but do keep your sensitive data off the cloud.

Once your data targeted then be ready for the worst consequences. There are very few cloud storage solutions that offer encryption for ‘data at rest.’ Use the cloud accordingly. If it’s important, don’t.

So if you want to keep your devices protected and keep away those Web Ghosts from your personal life.

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