This Rejection Story Gives A Reality Check On The Pitiful Standards Of Our Society

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Everyone of you must have been through rejections at least, once in a lifetime. That’s okay, I’ve been through one too. Today, I’m going to tell you how I was rejected on the basis of my skin tone. It was one day that my mother received a call from a suitor’s family, inquiring about me and whether my features are sharp or flat.

After confirming my age (which is 22 to be exact), my educational background and professional life, the mother of the suitor asked a really weird question. She asked, “kya apki beti ka rang bohat gora hai?”. To be very honest, she did feel ashamed of asking this question and apologized right away. She mentioned that it was for her son, who, unfortunately, has a white complexion. Further clarifying her intention she mentioned that she herself has a daughter too, and would know how weird it is to inquire about all this.

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To tell you the truth, I have a dusky, wheatish complexion. However, my mother covered up the topic by saying that she’s not too “gori” and not too “kaali”. As expected, the call ended within seconds after that. When I was told about this incident, I had nothing else to say than to question myself, my features, and my fate.

Like every other girl, I was shattered. It was later that week when I realized, after loads of thinking, that it wasn’t me who had problems, it’s the world and our society, to be specific. Our country is a free land but we are prisoners of our own thoughts, or fears.

Source: PopKey

‘Beauty is NOT defined by the appearance’, many people say this, but do we really accept it? Today, I want to ask everyone who reject girls for the same reasons. Does white complexion promise a long, healthy life? Does it promise that the girl will give you a child? Does it promise you loyalty? Does it promise you wealth? Health? Or good luck? No? Then why this stereotypical mindset? It’s 2017 for crying out loud, grow out of it.

And no, I’m not raising my finger on anyone with a white complexion.
It’s all about how you are as a human being. Not religiously – Because Allah is there to judge you. Not professionally – Because it’s your boss’s job. Not educationally – because that’s your teacher’s and parent’s task.

I would end the note abruptly here by saying, if a family couldn’t accept or appreciate me for my nature as a human, my struggles, and my abilities regarding the professional or educational experience I hold, then they don’t have the right to judge my complexion or reject me because of it or any other girl, for that matter.

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