Ye Tou Hogaya Wrap!

Wrap battle

From Rap Battle to a Wrap battle? The only thing that can be said to sum up our emotions is Ek dum se waqt badal diye, Jazbaat badal diye! We’re surely left with some mixed feelings about this marketing stunt by McDonald’s executed quite brilliantly, must say.

The smooth transition of McDonald’s from a rap line-up to a wrap line-up has successfully gotten all eyes and ears on them. So what are they actually bringing in their new launch of ‘Win Hunger ki Wrap Battle?’ As we ventured forward from its initial shock, the actual point in focus came which were their new wraps in 3 classic flavors of chipotle, BBQ and Cheesy Mayo for Rs.350 each; showcased with very temptingly tasty graphics that has us completely hooked and waiting! But will they live up to all this hype and expectations?

Let’s find out more about this battle on McDonalds Facebook page:

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