Yayvo-TCS Bet With Careem On The Islamabad-Karachi PSL Match And The Internet Caught Fire!

The Pakistan Super League seems to be the center of everyone’s attention these days. The newfound trend of supporting and promoting teams has gone viral ever since the PSL season 2 started. In the knockout match between Islamabad United and Karachi Kings, two marketing giants went head-to-head as well.

Yayvo by TCS, Pakistan’s premier e-marketplace had a fun bet game with the country’s favorite public transport service, CareemPAK. Initiated by Yayvo, the marketing genius came when Yayvo asked CareemPAK to place a bet on the Pakistan Super League match between Islamabad United and Karachi Kings.

Replying to Yayvo’s challenge, CareemPAK accepted and put their money on Islamabad United because of their banter, after a consensus in the office. This meant that CareemPAK would be betting on Islamabad, while Yayvo would be supporting Karachi Kings!

The deal was then on! The details of the bet that Yayvo came up with was that if they (Karachi Kings) won, Yayvo customers would get free CareemPAK vouchers.

Similarly, CareemPAK accepted the challenge and stated that if they (Islamabad United) won, CareemPAK customers would avail free Yayvo by TCS vouchers.

After wishing each other good luck, both the companies must have been glued to the TV screens. The trend caught up so much fire that other people started betting against CareemPAK for free credits as well. However, the limelight was still with the bet between Yayvo and CareemPAK.

This is when people joined in on the betting competition between Yayvo and CareemPAK as well, adding to the excitement of both match and bet.

At the end of the match, there could only be one winner, and it was Yayvo by TCS, as Karachi Kings defeated Islamabad United, sending them out of their PSL campaign.

The gesture was appreciated by Yayvo and the banter was still solid. The marketing experience between both the brands spread smiles and laughter across Twitter, further adding to the excitement of the Pakistan Super League.

However, even after the match was over, the excitement was still there with Yayvo by TCS.

Overall, the clash of two e-marketplaces can be dubbed as a great experience for the people and the companies. After the victory against Careem, Yayvo has now placed a bet against Foodpanda. No matter who wins this one, the customers of either brand are definitely winners!

The Pakistan Super League, miraculously, is bringing people and competition together. Something our beautiful country can really do with! Check out Yayvo by TCS’s Facebook page here for an exciting online shopping experience: Yayvo by TCS


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