Yasir Hussain Just Trolled A Guy Who Called Him “Iqra Ke Taya Abbu’ And Tauba, Such Bezzati!

Yasir iqra ke taya abbu

Just a few days ago, another start couple from the Pakistan entertainment industry made their relationship with their proposal at the award’s ceremony! Who was the couple? It was none other than Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz! Also, since they’ve just made things official, the couple’s also looking forward to getting married this year! Yes, in 2019!

We know, we know, the couple had been giving us hints since a very long time but let’s be honest here, we were legit waiting for the two lovebirds to make things official and alas, they did! Especially when they went on their ‘baecation‘! Well, that was way too obvious!

Just in case you missed the proposal (if you did, you’re living under a rock), here’s the video!

However, there were some people who couldn’t digest this proposal and couldn’t stop bashing the lovebirds for this ‘bold’ act. Matlab, guys, you could’ve taken a hajmola? Why the hate? Oh, and this wasn’t all. I guess this is all just a beginning I guess.

Another ‘mahaan’ personality commented on Yasir’s latest picture that has literally grabbed everyone’s attention! But Yasir had a quick comeback for him which has left everyone speechless, lol!

Here’s the picture that Yasir Hussain had posted on this Instagram account:


And here’s what this guy had commented!

The guy tried to diss Yasir Hussain by calling him a Taya abbu and wrote: “Iqra Aziz with Taya Abu and how could’ve Yasir Hussain not replied to him? Okay, Yasir is often seen replying the trolls and well, let’s just be honest, lagta hai ke bhai sahab thore offend hojatay hain 😛

Yasir Hussain ka response check karen!

“Taya kyon beta aap mujht sirf abbu hi kaho mujhy acha lagta hai”

Ahem ahem…. we see what you there, Yasir! That was a nice move!

Also, it seems like the comment was later deleted but you know, some people’s screenshot game is way too strong lol! And once something goes up on the internet, it just stays there!

Well, let’s just wish the couple well and stop with the hate! Live and let live, guys!

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