Top 9 Yasir Hussain Drama and Movies list

Top 9 Yasir Hussain Drama and Movies list

yasir hussain drama list

Whether it’s writing, acting, hosting, or performing, Yasir Hussain never lacks behind in any case, or we say that there is nothing that he can’t do He has a versatile personality and had a great sense of humor. He has been seen playing out various serials, composing various films and Telefilms, and facilitating his shows and various award shows and has always come up with great talent and has won the hearts of people. You can never feel bored while watching any of Yasir Hussain Drama list.

He has associated with the Pakistani industry long ago. He has a great bond and strong relations with Wajahat Rauf, Asad Siddiqui and Asim Azhar.

Yasir Hussain Drama List

In this article you will find a list of most popular drama projects that Yasir Hussain has done; it could be a drama film or a hosting show:

1- Jhoti

This drama was about lies and betrayals. The girl named Nimra gets into anything for her selfishness. She cheats and lies such smartly and with conviction that none can be caught on her. One day she met a man and married her for money, but she never knew that the guy who she was trusting was the biggest liar and cheater than her. These two roles were beautifully played by none other than 2 superstars of the Pakistani industry, Iqra Aziz, and Yasir Hussain.

2- Karachi se Lahore

This movie was written by Yasir Hussain and directed by Wajahat Rauf and was released in 2015. This was the debut film of Yasir Hussain; he played the role of Moti in it. The story is about a boy named Zaeem, who was bullied and mistreated by everyone to whom he loved for his entire life. Once he was enjoying the party with his friends Moti and Sam, who insist him for join the party, at that time he came to know that her girlfriend who went to visit Lahore is now marrying there to her cousin he ran after her to stop this marriage, and for this, he came across with soo many hurdles, and finally, in the end, he succeeded.

3- The afternoon show

This show was hosted by Yasir Hussain where the celebrities come and have a chit-chat session with him through amazing comedy skits and games. The show was aired on 10 th February 2018 on the Hum TV channel. We all know that Yasir Hussain has great humor so the audience enjoy and relax while watching this beautifully hosted program the afternoon show

4- Baandi

Baandi was also the top-rated drama of Yasir Hussain. The storyline was not unique but the acting skills of Aiman khan Muneeb butt, Hina Dilpazeer, and Yasir Hussain created and developed the interest of the watchers through their phenomenal acting. The story was about a villager girl Neeru, and a spiritual leader, Fayza Begum, who was greedy, and for her sake, she had sinned many times to get the power and money.

She has a habit of wrongdoing with her servants and the same happened with the Neeru. Neeru made the contract with the Fyza begum to work for 2 years in her house due to some reason, but the Fayza begum did not know that she would run off as her son fell in love with Neeru. When Fayza begum realized that all the things are not working in favor of her and he is losing his son, too, she decided to burnt Neeru, and she did, but the luck was with Neeru she saved herself by hook or by crook. When Fayza son Dilawar came to know the truth he decided to fight for Neeru against his mother and he successfully did as he was the police officer, he punished his mother by imprisoning her then Dilawar and neelu live happily after.

5- Shadi Mubarak Ho

Shadi Mubarak Ho is a tale of Nayel who is looking for a girl for marriage; however his mom generally dislikes each girl she searches for him. Yasir Hussain as Nayel. Nayel’s parents have astonishing holdings and presently the reason for their lives is to track down an appropriate girl for their child. Bushra Ansari as Shehnaz Salman, Shahid as maqsood. Ikhtyar is the worker of this family and consistently jabs his nose in each family matter and that is the reason shahnaz loathes him. She gets bothered by him constantly. Asad Siddiqui as Ikhtyar. Ahsan is Nayel’s closest friend and he generally assists him with finding the ideal girl as well. Zoya is the companion of Ahsan’s wife. On Ahsan’s solicitation, Nayel picks Zoya from

the airport and becomes hopelessly enamored with her. Kubra Khan as Zoya. Inverse individuals complete each other for that reason; they are drawn to one another in any case. Be that as it may, Zoya loathed Nayel because he went about as Ahsan’s driver at the primary spot. Nayel’s mom, at last Shahnaz, loved Rimsha for Nayel. Sadia Faisal as Rimsha… But Ikhtyar falls head over heels for Rimsha. Will Nayel’s mom accept Zoya as her daughter-in-law? Will Nayel’s mom accept this lovely girl for his insane child? She may be because they have a charming holding when they are together. Gul e rana as Durdana, Raya khan as Nimra, Abdullah Farhatulla as Ahsan

6. Dareecha

Maheen gets hitched to her first love. Her thought process would be a blessing from heaven, transformed into a living bad dream. She finds reality with regards to Faizan’s past, his past relationships, and his brutal conduct. In her condition of depression, she starts to foster a split behavioral condition. In the meantime, Faizan observes another affectionate interest at work named Suraya. After much industriousness, he mischievously persuaded her to wed him. Then again, Faizan’s mom Gaeti Ara, unfortunate about her child’s conduct, goes to a profound individual for direction and finds the impact of black magic in her home. From black magic to actual maltreatment, dareecha addresses different social wrongs pervasive in our general public.

7. Band toh baje ga

It is Pakistani telefilm aired on eid ul fitr 2018.The story was based on a marriage proposal between 2 families from opposite ends of the social spectrum. Mariyam’s role was played by Hania Amir, who belongs to a rich and urban family, while Yasir Hussain also belongs to a rich family. But his parents and background belong to a pure Punjabi dehati family.
When the two families met at first met, it was quite hilarious as they have different mindsets.
Both of their parents have different issues regarding this marriage as Amir’s parents were not happy that their son had chosen an urban girl and on the other side, Maryam’s mom was making every possibility to convince Maryam to dissuade the marriage or reject the proposal.
Maryam’s parents were divorced, but for her sake, they were acting to make all things go well for the sake of their daughter’s happiness. As her mother was not happy with this marriage, she invited her boyfriend to the wedding to make things worse.
Amid the chaos, tings get bitter between the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. Furthermore, they’ll cancel the wedding.

8. Lahore se Agay 

This movie was released in 2016 and was the spin-off of the famous movie of 2015. Karachi Se Lahore “Moti” from “Karachi Se Lahore” proceeds with his excursion from Lahore to Swat where he meets Saba Qamar. Saba Qamar plays the character of a rockstar. Yasir Hussain as Moti and Sabaqamar as Tara travel together and in their beautiful and joyful journey made them fell in love with each other.

9. Help me Durdana

In this comedy movie, Yasir Hussain plays the role of Dino opposite Ushna Shah (Maheen). Yasir Hussain loves the rich girl Maheen but Maheen’s father whose character was played by Mehmood Aslam was the louder father who has the habit of imposing his decision on everyone and for her daughter, he also does the same.

To make her father agree, she plotted a plan and told her father about Dino, that he had a widowed mother. Now Dino got stuck in the problem and decided to come up and disguise himself as his own rich mother. Maheen and Dino did not expect that Maheen’s father would fall in love with dino’s mother, as this happened they got afraid and decided to do a marriage soon and after that, they will disclose the truth to Maheen’s father.

So this was the Yasir Hussain drama list, have some popcorn and enjoy binge-watching them.

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