Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz’s New Romantic Photo Shoot Is Making Pakistanis ‘Jealous’ And This Is Too Much!

It seems like the current year is being a bit harsh on the Pakistan Entertainment Industry. Every morning, a new issue is being circulated on media platforms. Recently, the most lavish event the Lux Style Awards (LSA) took place in Karachi and it provided Pakistanis with a whole new matter to discuss.

The most highlighted and criticized thing from the LSA was Yasir Hussain’s way of proposing to Iqra Aziz. As everybody knows, both the media personalities were in a relationship from quite some time now. At first, Pakistanis were furious on their foreign trip they made together as they were not ‘halal’ for each other then. After the proposal, people were angry about how Yasir proposed to Iqra. Seriously?

Nevermind, now when the Yasir-Iqra couple has become the most controversial couple, every little thing they do will become the talk of the town. Recently, the couple did a sizzling photoshoot and oh boy! it triggered the ‘ghairat brigade’ to the core this time. Some pictures from the shoot were shared on Yasir and Iqra’s official Instagram too.

Well, here are the amazing pictures from the couple’s recent shoot!

Titled “Love Actually”, Iqra Aziz reposted this picture on her Instagram!

This was also shared by Iqra Aziz and they are looking good here!

Meet the ‘fotographer’ Iqra and ‘sutthebaaz’ Yasir guys!

The picture that managed together the most hate is here!

Its was not just a couple shoot but both Yasir and Iqra got some solos too. Pictures dropping in 3.. 2.. 1… *drum rolls*

Yasir Hussain posted this solo on his official Instagram and yahan bhi boy suttha hi lga rha hai!

Yasir Hussain should definitely think of some other pose while getting a shoot!

Iqra Aziz is looking stunning in this solo!

The concept, the photography and the lady, everything looks so on point in this picture!

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As always, the Yasir and Husain and Iqra Aziz’s photoshoot were not received well by the audience. As pictures came out, a wave of criticism poured in and Pakistanis were like “ye kiya begairti, jo karna hai band kamray karo” what? A photoshoot is supposed to be shown to others. Whatsoever, we wish the best for the couple’s future.

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