Ahad Raza Mir Hints at a Terrible End to Yaqeen Ka Safar and You Might Need a Tissue Box

The heartthrob of Pakistan, Ahad Raza Mir is making headlines almost on a daily basis. It’s either people are going gaga over his looks, photoshoots or epic scenes in Yaqeen Ka Safar where he pulls off a phenomenal acting performance. The actor is the newest sensation and we can now agree that the Pakistani entertainment industry has a star-studded future.

Source: Daniyal Naqvi

Ahad Raza Mir must enjoy a heap of attention from his fans on social media. A reply to a fan letter spoke volume of it. We also saw this guy opening up about his relationship status…

Talk about Yaqeen Ka Safar, it continues to verge on parallel to a dramatic plot and people are so intrigued. Now, Ahad Raza Mir did something that would intrigue you more!

Errr, what do you mean, sir?

Pakistanis scrambled towards replying him of course

Sweet summer child


Yes, yes




This screenshot is surfacing now. Another episode? Not really sure if it’s legit or somebody’s attempt to grab attention… We are gonna let you decide.

Source: Instagram

Hold your horses. Don’t be too excited. We are not certain that the screenshot above is authentic. Maybe somebody made it up? But it’s not too bad to think otherwise. I mean, don’t want to disappoint you but 2 episodes of YKS would not be too bad, right?

Well, whatever the case… I hope all fans of the drama have a conclusive and satisfactory end. What do you guys think would happen?

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