Khawaja Asif Called Shireen Mazari A ‘Tractor Trolley’ And The Internet Went Crazy

It seems like every Parliamentary Session in Pakistan is to bring unforgettable memories and agendas for the common man to remember. In the latest session of the House, Federal Minister Khwaja Asif, while referring to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Shireen Mazari, asked her to stop talking and later on.. referred to her as a “Tractor Trolley”.

The PTI faithful did not take kindly to the remarks and were all over the internet.. but surprisingly.. there were many present to defend Khwaja Asif’s antics as well. While nobody should refer to women with such names, even the Speaker of the Assembly, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq thought she deserved it!

Here’s what the internet thinks of the episode.

1. Relating to America finally selecting a woman Executive nominee, while Pakistan chose on 28 years ago in Benazir Bhutto

2. In Pakistan, the word infidel carries less meaning than tractor trolley or Maulana Diesel

3. She is not a girl, she is not a bachi, she is not your baby – she is not a tractor trolley!

4. Some were of the opinion that the Federal Minister needed to apologize to the Tra…. to Mrs. Mazari

5. Nope, this is actually not the latest model, the latest one has colored hair..

6. Some actually enjoyed Khwaja Asif’s blatant honesty – but true, calling a parliamentarian a tractor trolley is going too far

7.  Mrs. Mazari’s daughter had previously tweeted about Khwaja Asif being a mature, decent and rational man – well, that went according to plan..

8. As good as the tweet is… couldn’t help but notice that Khwaja Asif is actually a he..

9.  Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!

10. People need to stop comparing Pakistan to the USA – we’re a third world country that takes more pride in itself than the US

11. Some went too far by calling Imaan Mazari futile and vile names – Pakistanis are absolutely NUTS!

12.  And this is what the ‘Wadera ka beta’ had to say about the ordeal altogether..

I don’t really know about others.. but the next time I actually come across or see a Tractor Trolley, it would not be the same for me.

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