11 Mesmerizing Aerial Shots Of Islamabad And Its Surroundings

The Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is certainly also the most beautiful among the big 5 cities of Pakistan. The Capital is the greenest most natural expand of beauty in the country – along with beautiful buildings and constructions throughout. The Hydaspes’ Lightbox took on a helicopter to capture these extremely beautiful images that show the absolute marvel that is Islamabad city.

1. The enchanting landscapic view of Rawal Lake

Source: facebook.com

2. This shot shows what an absolute marvel NUST is in all its strength



3. New Islamabad Airport – currently under construction but the Capital’s new airport is said to be the best there will be in Pakistan


4. The ever so blue and absolutely mesmerizing Khanpur dam


5. Does this look like a part of Pakistan to you? We bet not! This is the Metro Bus Station


6. The beast of Islamabad – Centaurus Mall


7. One of the most beautiful mosques in the world – Faisal Mosque



8. The lush green Margalla mountains as the backdrop to a marvellous Faisal Mosque


9. The greens of Islamabad – Lake View Park, after subtle rain


10. Racecourse Ground Rawalpindi certainly gives shades of a European country here


11. The vast and beautiful Jinnah Sports Stadium


The Capital is definitely the place to live if you can afford it. We hope the rest of Pakistan is also lucky enough to be as beautiful as the Capital. Here’s to cherishing the jaw-dropping beauty of Islamabad.

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