Pakistan vs India: 27 Hilarious And Witty Responses From Across The Borders

Even though Pakistan came just short once again to India – all was not lost. The Pakistani Twitter banter was at peak again, along with thorough and witty responses from across the border where the match was being played.

Here are some of the wittiest most hilarious tweets from #PakvsInd on Twitter

1. Whenever Pakistani batsmen hit a boundary, the crowd went silent – this lead to one Pakistan ranting out loud with his wit…

2. When the pitch turned more than Qandeel Baloch did in her teaser strip video..

3. With Sir Ravendra Jadeja and Ashwin spinning the ball on all ends of the Earth, imagine if India were playing Kachra… “Sasura phirki maaarat hai!”

4. Every single time Afridi comes out to bat, this is Pakistan summed up in one tweet: “Let it be Afridi’s day” – sadly, it never is..

5. When Ahmed Shahzad got out.. the wittiest Indian account on Twitter literally just destroyed everything Selfie built in his career..

6. When Pakistan started losing wickets and not making enough runs.. this Pakistani threw his heart out over the internet to watch it burn

7. When Afridi kept slogging at the ball, without any knowledge of where it would spin..

8. When Indian conceded 5 extras.. shots were fired.. destruction.. absolute class banter!

9.  Better to play inside water than play at such pathetic locations.. poorly managed WCT20

10. When one Indian accepted the fact of how poor the Eden Garden pitch was..

11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Big Nas can take a punch or two himself!

12. Rule 1: When there is a Pakistan vs India match – you do not go to the washroom during the innings, only when its mid-break

13. He caught Sania Mirza, then he caught the ball

14. Remember when Rohit Sharma said Aamir is an ordinary bowler? He’s got him out all 3 times in last 3 matches

15. There was a time when the match was going to be abandoned due to rain.. but then.. it didn’t 🙁

16. Pakistani cricket team could’ve been the cause of most alcoholics and suicides in Pakistan..

17. He was good with the bat – he was good with the ball – will Bhabi be good to him?

18. Shafqat Amanat Ali ruined our national anthem – while Amitabh Bachan totally bossed his – we were bound to lose..

19. Imagine if Saeed Ajmal was bowling tonight – the Chakraview!


21. When Amir bowls, the crowd stays silent – that’s how it is! Dehshat ki baat hai saari

22. Hi World, meet the Qandeel Baloch of India..

23. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, Abhishek Bachchan had to stay off the stage for making such pathetic movies

24. Indeed, from one legend to a legend in the making

25. When Shahid Afridi didn’t give Muhammad Aamir the overs in the depth..

26. Imagine if Dhoni had played like Misbah and realized the match was already over..

27. And so it ended… Pakistan lose to India once again – Congratulations to the Blues!

Even though Pakistan might have lost another battle – the war is not yet lost! On we go marching!

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