WWE Legend ‘The Undertaker’ Announces Retirement After Glorious 30-Year Career

WWE the undertaker retires

One of the greatest characters in wrestling history finally retires after an unbelievable career of 30 years. Mark Calaway, who is better known as The Undertaker, has announced that he has no desire to step back into the ring.

According to a statement given by the 55-year-old WWE legend in the final episode of ‘The Last Ride’ documentary on the WWE Network.

WWE has also posted on its Twitter, with the simple caption “#ThankYouTaker for…” followed by an image with glimpses of various matches over The Undertaker’s long career, which seems to confirm Calaway’s retirement as The Undertaker.

For 30 years the undertaker played the ‘undead’ wrestler who uses funerals as his signature move. He puts his opponents in bodybags and caskets after he defeats them. He has been set on fire three times and buried alive. His entrance music is, appropriately, a version of Chopin’s funeral march.

The ‘undead’ now fear death

The wrestler who is known as ‘one who cannot die’ is now only thinking of death as his work life is finally catching up with the 55-year-old’s health.

While professional wrestling is ‘fake’ that is to say, scripted. The bumps, bruises, and broken bones on the other hand are not.

According to the wrestler, he has lost count of the times he has been concussed, spent nights in the hospital, unable to remember his own name, and the number of surgeries he has undergone.

Where The Undertaker used to feel unaffected by the prospect of death, now he’s thinking about the possible outcomes of each risk he takes in the ring.

“When you’re young you don’t have these thoughts,” he says. “Once they start creeping in, it’s really hard to get ‘em out.”

Twitteratis bid farewell to The Undertaker

As soon as the news of The Undertaker’s retirement broke the internet. People from all over the world took to Twitter to express their love and appreciation for the wrestler. Many remember special moments as they bid farewell to the living legend.

Lastly, The Undertaker added saying, fear, is a double-edged sword for a professional wrestler.

“If you have the mental toughness to block that kind of stuff out, that’s great. But also, are you putting yourself in more jeopardy? If you don’t look at things realistically, you have the potential to really injure yourself, thinking, ‘I used to do that all the time. It won’t be any problem,’ and then you’re just physically not able to do it. You run the risk of injuring yourself and you risk injuring your opponent.”

Ah! We will miss the lagend and those scary moments associated with him.

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