‘He Knows I’m Alone’ – Woman Shares How A Man Constantly Harass Her With ‘Wrong Parking’

man harass women wrong parking

Ideally, every woman could live a peaceful life without a care in the world. But if we talk realistically, the prevalent harassment in the country makes the idea seem too far fetched. Here is yet another harassment story, a man harassing a woman with wrong parking.

Needless to say, Pakistan is a highly patriarchal society, and harassment has been a prevailing issue for a long time. Be it street-calling or workplace harassment, the stigma is common. By the courtesy of men in our society, the trauma has seeped into every Pakistani woman’s life.

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The mindset that women are weak and incapable of speaking out has sown the seeds of harassment. Harassment in Pakistan is becoming a very common issue nowadays. There are various types of harassment faced by women in the country through mischief, trespass, nuisance and sexual harassment. 

Taking to Halaat Updates, a woman shared her ordeal of being harassed at the hands of a hostile man with wrong parking. “In the picture, a Cultus is parked right behind my car. It is LRW 304 Cultus. The guy named Khubab continuously doing such stuff like parking his car like that,” she writes.

“There is a lot of space where he car park. But he knows that I am all alone and can’t seek help,” the woman adds. “So he is doing these shitty things just to harass me. Pakistan is not a place for females with no parents. Please spread the word.” Can you even imagine…?

Here are the pictures of the car!

wrong parking
Source: Halaat Updates

What a sick world we live in. Meanwhile, in times when harassment and rape cases are at their peak in our country, a woman chose to use the woman card, and threaten some innocent men of filing a case of false harassment allegations just because of some minor inconvenience that too, was due to her fault.

After the video surfaced on social media, it gave a rise to a heated discussion. The woman threatened to file a harassment case on such a minor issue of a bus leaving without her. This is exactly how the word ‘harassment’ gets exploited and families get disrupted as the false charge opens up its malice. Such baseless allegations mar the credibility of genuine cases of harassment where an assaulter trespasses his limits and assaults a woman.

Cyber harassment is also becoming way too common these days. It is mainly because people think it is easier to get away online. Lately, an employee of a Pakistani bank troubled a woman with messages and video calls after she opened an account.

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