According to Zodiac, Here Are Your Worst Personality Traits!

Zodiac has always been an unusual element of curiosity but only when it tells us the positive aspects which boost our ego. Here is a look at the dark side which we don’t talk about but it exists within us. And, yeah. Don’t freak out or take it too literally.

1. Capricorn

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You are pessimists, who think of themselves as under-achievers but if you have your mind set on something, Capricorns aggressively go for it as stubborn as they are. Sometimes considered self-centered and detached because you have your limits when getting close to people.

(Yeah don’t give us a cold shoulder when you get in the mood to be a stuck up, we other humans annoy you out of fun because you actually get annoyed)

2. Aquarius

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Aquarians are attention seekers and full of themselves. They should also stop being narcissistic and believing they are unique and special. They try so hard to appear interesting. They also try hard to be something that they are not.

(You and your attitude, we know you are intelligent but we’ll never say it to your face)

3. Pisces

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Pisces come off as arrogant and very confront, you are always ready to argue and mostly come off as rude. If you are replied with the same content then you can’t handle it, as you are over-sensitive. Often stubborn and impulsive. Also very fussy about how things are supposed to be.

(There is a reason you have 2 fish facing the opposite sides, do you even agree with your own decisions? *Split personality alert*)

4. Aries

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You don’t want to listen to people even if they are venting out their problems and sharing their secrets. You won’t let them finish, you will end up bringing the conversation back to your own issues. You’re not a good listener.

(As much as you go with the flow, do you end up drowning in the flow when the current is still?)

5. Taurus

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You are a little bit stubborn but don’t want to accept it. You just don’t like to negotiate or settle, which kind of annoys other people. And, you would never admit if it’s your mistake or if you have done something wrong.

(Yes, you love yourself, we know. And, you feel misunderstood, we know that as well.)

6. Gemini

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You just try to be over smart in every situation, although the fact is you don’t know much about things. Thus, conversations are one way where you try and pretend to be cool.

(Do you ever stop talking? You can’t talk away all your problems. Split personality alert, aaaagain.)

7. Cancer

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You are complicated. You try to be tough on the outside. You might not realize but people get annoyed by your diplomatic attitude. Being overly sensitive while at the same time not being able to express emotions which drive others mad.

(You do know that you are extremely emotional, right? You do know you can emotional blackmail your way out of problems, right?)

8. Leo

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Leos are very opinionated and it takes a while to convince them to change their mind. You have a big ego which is also fragile and it always gets in the way of everything, possibly even in the path to your success. Dominating and arrogant, which does not sit well with others when you always want to be bossy?

(When a Leo loses its temper…….run)

9. Virgo


Virgo-born often is said to be judgmental. Harsh and fussy when they don’t get something done perfectly and go out of their way to solve it. Rigid and conservative, you don’t easily accept anything in the beginning and often want to weigh it out before taking a step.

(Do you even understand yourself???)

10. Libra

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They are good at exaggeration as they exactly know how to make up stories. Also, they are a bit annoying as they always try to please people which sometimes depict they are not true to their self.

(Decisions, decisions, so many decisions, ask Libra to make a decision and you have put them in the toughest moment of their life)

11. Scorpio

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You are very secretive and manipulative. You want to know everything about the person in front but you’d try to find a way out when the table gets turned on you. Scorpios tend to get extremely jealous when it’s not called for. Out to take revenge on anyone who did you wrong, you forgive with a touch of revenge.

(Why so secretive? Are you an FBI secret agent?)

12. Sagittarius

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You tend to be over-confident at everything and come off as a know-it-all. Believing that you can do no wrong. Impatient when work given at hand, coming off blunt and careless even when your intentions might not be in that direction.

(Why so selfish, we know you are smart, but no one likes a smart-ass!)

A look at the dark side which we always seem to look away from and deny the facts. Believe it or not, we all have two sides even if it’s not exactly what’s mentioned above, but negative traits are something we all need to work on. Be a work under construction and a miracle at the same time.

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