8 Worst Fears Of Desi Parents

The lives of desi parents revolve around one thing and one thing alone; their children. They will do any and everything to make sure we’re on the right track as per desi standards, and have nothing to do with any ‘astaghfirullah’ goings on. Here are some of the worst fears of desi parents;

1. Their children are definitely hanging out with a bad crowd.

Anything remotely ‘rebellious’ that you do HAS to do with your ‘liberal’ friends. They teach you how to be disrespectful to your parents and they have nothing to do but turn you against your parents.

*enters drama mode*

Yeh din dekhnay klyay paida kia tha?


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2. Kahin koi “affair” toh nai chal raha?

Warning signs include looking at the mobile phone and smiling, staying up till late, and spending less time at home.


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3. Which means that the bahu or damaad that they’ve picked out from the khandaan is off the charts;

Their whole life has been a joke.

Breaking the news like;


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4. Their khayalat are becoming too ‘liberal’.

By liberal khayalat, they basically mean that you refuse to bow down to their more often than not baseless traditions.


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5.Their degree doesn’t have much ‘scope’.


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6. Beta, chaar log kia kahengay?

Their biggest, and worst fear. Everything that you do, or don’t do, will incur the wrath of the aforementioned chaar log. Your family’s reputation in society will be ruined and people will mock your family forever if you don’t suit up and become a corporate slave.


They don’t. The society does. Society > you.

7. “Shaadi ki umar nikli jaa rai hai!”

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8. And of course, that their room is never clean enough;

Even if it’s 12 am, someone might JUST miraculously decide to show up, and the guest might JUST miraculously also refuse to sit in the drawing room, and he might JUST miraculously insist that he wants to sit in your room, and in that very likely case, “wo dekhay ga to kia sochayga?”

Trying to understand that logic like:


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