World’s Most Expensive Shoes With Diamonds Unveiled!

World's Most Expensive Shoes Contains 30 Carats Of Diamonds

The whole world is in a race of getting ahead of one another. And when it comes to breaking records? Oh, boy! Don’t even ask. People would do all sorts of weird stuff to just make a record. This time it happened in Dubai. The world’s most expensive shoes were unveiled.

These shoes were showcased in an onboard yacht on Friday in Dubai Marina. The evening was a part of Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates (MIDE) Fashion Week.

An Italian designer who goes by the name of Antonio Vietri was the creator of these shoes. They are called the Moon Star Shoes. How much do they cost? Well, not much just $19.9 million (Dh73 million).

Yeah, seriously guys it’s not much…for Sheikhs of course. Our broke eyes can’t even afford to look at them, lol.

However, for your information, the current Guinness World Record was set at $15.5 million dollars. Yep, also for a pair of shoes.

What Makes Them The World’s Most Expensive Shoes?

They aren’t just tagged the World’s most expensive shoes but there’s actually a pretty valid reason behind that. So, the Moon Star Shoes are made up of a solid gold heel. SOLID GOLD HEEL! 30 carats of diamonds. 30 CARATS OF DIAMONDS! Ok stop you, dead-broke lads, it’s not that big of a deal.

Wait there’s more. It also contains a small piece of meteorite. A meteorite that was discovered in Argentina in 1576.

So, now you know.

It isn’t the first time Vietri has put his design up in the World’s Most Expensive Shoes rack. But he’s actually known for designing record-breaking shoes. In 2017 he displayed 24-carat gold stilettos worth more than Dh120,000, in Dubai.

The UAE based designer claimed that he can go above and beyond in extravagance, every time.

The word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary.”

Though it is just pointless to us how people could spend so much money on shoes. I mean they are just shoes, right? They do the same job as my sneakers? But it absolutely makes sense to the rich. So don’t be too shocked. Because, if you take a round on the internet, you’ll find a lot more shocking stuff.

Anyhow, it’s ok. You can still go and get in your sneakers ’til you’re broke.

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