Polium Announces First World’s First Multi-Chain Gaming Console

NFT is the next big thing in the digital world, people are highly investing in it and trading rapidly. But for those who are new in this area, researched about it thoroughly but are not aware of the platforms we assure you to get you to the right platforms that might help you to start trading.

But not only that, NFT enthusiasts should get ready for “the world’s first multi-chain gaming console” and it’s grabbing everyone’s attention. With the upcoming transformation in the web, Web 3 would be the base of the console.

Source: Videogames chronicle

As the gaming community rises, such innovations are attracting more audiences to the gaming and NFT market as well.

NFT games console – Web3 & innovation combined

According to Polium, “will be released in Q3 2024, will only be able to be pre-ordered by players who buy a ‘Polium Pass’, an NFT on the Ethereum network of which 10,000 will be minted.”

Source: Videogames chronicle

Fun fact, only four people are working on the hardware to make it futuristic. But the console will be capable of 8K HDR at 120fps and ray tracing. Let’s have a look inside the spec sheet so far shared on their website, 4K Ultra HD, TouchID, 8K HDR, Ray Tracing, up to 120 frames per second.

Soon the announcement was made, and many of the players didn’t appreciate the idea, because they are not convinced of the merits of blockchain gaming, and at worst believe it to be a scam.

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it still started receiving criticism over the logo and one user pointed out that it’s the upside-down logo of GameCube.

Then Polium responded and wrote, “It looks familiar but GameCube has a G and the cube represents their name,” the company replied on Twitter. “Our cube represents block chain and the P stands for Polium.”

Polium Discord server

They have also launched ‘Polium Discord Server’ which appeared to have no moderation and has been free of criticism.

In Discord’s ‘scam alert’ channel, it was set up to allow users to report to potential NFT scams a number of users simply replied “this entire project”.

Source: Forbes

Later to that, Polium released a statement addressing the initial response, accusing some of ‘FUD’, an acronym meaning ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’.

“We have been receiving FUD and criticism regarding our ability to execute,” the statement reads. “To clarify, it’s four of us that are building the functional prototype for the console and controller.

“We have experience in hardware and software development. We are currently doing the power tree for the console’s board. We should have a functional prototype by November or before.

“We will show the prototype live on YouTube or have a well-trusted influencer show you all. The prototype will prove that the console can run games that are on different blockchains and built with different programming languages.

We will not take any pre-orders/funding until we show the prototype and if the community is interested. Once we have a functional prototype, we will build the console for manufacturing.”

Lack of games and logo controversy

Despite of lack of any confirmed games currently, the statement reads: “There will be games on the console, and we will make some announcements soon. We are currently speaking to game developers.

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“For the logo, we did not copy Nintendo’s GameCube logo. But we are listening to the community, and we will hire a new illustrator to design a more original logo for us.”

It concludes: “Some of you are not passionate about Web 3 and are only here for entertainment and FUD. But we will start banning people. Anything is possible when you are passionate about a problem. We will deliver. Stay tuned.”

Web 3.0 no doubt is a game-changer in the future especially when it comes to social media platforms. For those who still aren’t aware of Web 3.0 and have questions like “What is Web 3.0?” Then must check out the link.

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