Russia’s Actions May Start World War 3, Says Top British General

While the world dreams of a day when the term war is never brought up, a top British General has made some startling assumptions. As per Britain’s Chief of Defence Staff Nick Carter, Russia may spark World War 3.

The senior military advisor of Britain has said that if not controlled, Russia’s actions will bring global powers to the brink of World War 3. He stated that Russia’s disregard of conventions and international law is evidence of this fact.

With two world wars down, there have been claims in the past about World War 3. Many have predicted that the world might see another huge war much sooner than one could perceive.

Russia Carter

Source: dailymail

Additionally, Chief of Defence Staff Nick Carter stated that world peace is under huge threat from Russia. His words were directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies.

New weapons may introduce World War 3

The British military general is of the opinion that Russia is changing the warfare game completely. New weapons of today including money, propaganda, and cyber-attacks will push the world towards World War 3.

Moreover, Russia’s meddling into the affairs of other states, including the Middle East, is a warning sign for World War 3. Carter said that Russia is ‘sowing discord’ among nations while securing itself.

It has even been said in the past that Russia had meddled in the US Presidential Elections where Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton. Nick Carter, a British war veteran, aged 60, speaks from his experience and instincts.

Sir Nick stated that the nature of warfare and international politics, in general, has changed completely. The constantly developing technology and ways of spreading information have played a key task and will do so in starting World War 3.

Disinformation tactics being tried by Russia

Furthermore, Nick Carter said that under Putin’s eyes, Russia was trying new disinformation tactics. Russia has started a disinformation Facebook campaign in Africa trying to meddle in the US Presidential Elections 2020. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump will compete as the top two favorites in the elections.

Moreover, Nick Carter, in his paper wrote: “I am not suggesting that our opponents want to go to war in the traditional definition of the term, but reckless behavior and the lack of respect for international law relating to these new types of ‘weapons’ risks escalation that could easily lead to inadvertent miscalculation.”

10 russian submarines world war 3

Source: dailymail

The claims did not stop here. Nick Carter went on to say that along with Russia, China and Iran too, might help cause World War 3. Russia’s latest step of moving 10 submarines with nuclear potential into the Atlantic Ocean has stirred controversy.

Furthermore, senior defense analysts are claiming that this move is a warning from Russia to the whole world. If the cards are not played as per Russia’s wishes, they have the potential to even strike the US’ East Coast.

Lastly, after hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the two previous wars, World War 3 is a harsh reality. In the East, it is often believed that World War 3 will start because of India and Pakistan.

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