World Osteoporosis Day And All We Need To Know About It!

World Osteoporosis Day

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Osteoporosis is typically the devaluation of the bone by the curtailment of its vigor. 20th of October beholds “World Osteoporosis Day” propagating apprehension referring to the disease and its counteractants.

Construing osteoporosis, it is a state of unhealthiness in which the bones languishes sequentially and become porous. The interior of a hale and well-conditioned bone seems to have a sieve appearance by exhibiting a perforated pattern. But with the evolution of the disease; the pores of the perforated pattern grow larger ergo the bones loses its vitality, strength and heft.

Owing to the flawed condition; the bones are considerably prone to fractures with a trivial hit/fall and in severe case, even a sneeze or cough is detrimental by bringing about a rupture. Hip bone, wrist bone and spine are largely susceptible to fractures.

word osteoporisis day

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Agents & Peril factors

Predominantly osteoporosis justifies being the offshoot of unevenness developed in new bone formation and old bone resorption. The bones either take in more or form meagerly, substitute both can occur concurrently. In conjunction with inadequate bone generation factor; there are other various agents too, instrumental in the onslaught of the disease.

Maintaining a balanced diet is essential in all years of life especially in the spring-tide which turns out to be utterly consequential in the golden years. An irresponsible manner towards the intake of a balanced diet eventuates in unhealthy bones. Such a diet lacks Calcium, Phosphorus, Phosphate, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin K.

Diminished quantities of Estrogen and Testosterone in females and males respectively ground highly. Estrogen is one of the fundamental constituents of osteoblasts. When females accede the age of menopause, the level of Estrogen hormone falls which is the stage when females are liable to be hunted by osteoporosis.

The Testosterone hormone manifests its effectiveness by aiding in bone protection.

word osteoporisis day


Being active and carrying out regular workouts can hold back the incidence and (or) the progression of various maladies. Likewise, osteoporosis too can be suppressed by regular exercises. Refraining from such activities has an adverse impact on developing weak and fragile bones.

Additional peril factors and agents accounting for the loss of the bone’s strength and density covers, being in the autumn of life; consumption of Coumadin (a blood thinner), Glucocorticoids (taken for calming down irritation), inhibitors including Aromatose (a breast cancer curative) & proton pump inhibitors (as curative for indigestion).

Excessive intake of alcohol and inadequate that of calcium, way out straining exercises in teenage, vitamin D deficiency, hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism and hypopituitarism. Being a female, ailing with Amenorrhoea, having a slender body cage, hailing from an Asian race and principally having a family history of osteoporosis are presumably hunted.

Illustrating an osteoporosis victim is subjected to a muted and hazy backache & neck pain, bone ruptures even with a minor accident. Besides this, the normal “S” shaped spine (laterally viewed) deforms into a “bent forward” spine inevitably shortening the height.

word osteoporisis day

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“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only to attain it but to maintain it.” (Joseph Pilates)

There is no definite and orderly curative measure for eradicating osteoporosis hence steps siding with holding back its progression are taken. The medications targets to scale down the loss of minerals and density of the bone. Second, to this, the medications also target to clip the pain associated with the fractures.

Taking a diet enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D and abstaining from Caffeine, Alcohol and smoking have proven to be constructive scales against osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis & Physiotherapy

Once diagnosed with osteoporosis, periodically visiting a physiotherapist is mandatory. Albeit a physiotherapist cannot pour oil on the lesion but by degrees represses its advancement and detrimental effects.

When approached at an earlier stage of the disease, the consultant will outline an organized program entirely pertaining to the sufferer’s potency standard, daily activities and diet.

word osteoporisis day

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As falls are frequently experienced by an osteoporosis victim, which has a destructive impact of amplifying into a fracture cascade; a physiotherapist will oversee the unfitting posture and the imbalanced motion by carrying out such therapeutics that will align the posture and maintain balance, thereupon restraining the victim from fractures.

As an assistive bound against falls, the consultant may also prescribe applicatory and user-friendly mobility aids. After a fracture, physiotherapy intervenes by soothing down the pain.

The rehab specialist gets a handle on body mechanics and coaches the victim with strengthening workouts and load-bearing exercises.

Considerately moving, lifting, laying down even gently sneezing and coughing are the vital ministrations and elixirs directed by a physiotherapist.

The rehab specialist directs such exercises that reinforce the flexibility of the victim’s body; in order that have evolved rigidity and stiffness since the onset of disease.

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.” (Joseph Pilates) Additionally, physiotherapy immeasurably looks upon the victim emotionally by phasing out the mental state of having butterflies for being completely reliant in the life ahead.

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.” (Joseph Pilates)

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