The Entire World is Celebrating the Return of Cricket to our Country and We are All ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’

Today marks a special day for Pakistan. In fact, this year so far has been great for Pakistan in terms of welcoming international figures in the country. The year 2017 started in full swing when the final of Pakistan Super League PSL took place in Lahore. We then welcomed international footballing legends who stayed and played in two cities of our country, Karachi, and Lahore.

Continuing what the officials started, a wave of happiness passed through every Pakistani when PCB announced the return of international cricket in Pakistan in shape of Pakistan Vs. World XI!

With a Mixture of International Players Coming to Pakistan, Every Cricketer Fanatic of this Country couldn’t be Happier!

The cricket matches are taking place in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore – the same city where PSL’s final took place. Having this said, the officials have made sure to do everything, within their possible capacity, to hold these matches.

Look at the Arrangements in Swing!

Lovely and Nostalgic at the Same Time!

The Stadium

The Players Arrived 2 Days and Spent a Great Time in Training As Well

What makes this event even more exciting is that everyone, today, puts the differences aside and shares the interest for cricket only. They don’t bicker against Pakistan but share how prestigious this moment is – the moment we lost years ago due to unfortunate events.

Not Only Pakistanis but International Figures are all Geared up to See the Return of Cricket to Pakistan!

Insha Allah!

Gutted one of our Favorite PSL Commentators Wouldn’t be Able to Join


We are Buzzing!


Dean Jones Couldn’t Make it Either but His Wishes Matter!

Here’s to hoping everything goes as well as we all planned. It is indeed a proud moment to see how we will be achieving another important element which embarks the prosperity of our country.

Long live Pakistan – you have been through so much. And welcome international cricket. <3

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