Our World and Terrorism – Unity Can Be Our Savior

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This is yet another peace spreading and condemnation message from another Muslim. Although this has been said many times earlier as well, but I just want to make it clearer and simpler, for everyone to understand.

Muslims, all across the globe, strongly condemn the barbaric acts of terrorists. If there is stagnant water near a sea, it doesn’t possess any powers to pollute the ferocious sea. The sea will one day flood onto this stagnant water, flushing it along. Likewise, we, mankind, need to stand together against these mislead, inhumane groups.

Source: Jerusalem Post

It is not about any faith or religion, it is about humanity. It is about innocent people being barbarically killed by the vicious acts of the terrorists. It is not about standing with or against any religion, but about feeling the agony of the innocent victims.

This is no time to blame game or divide and rule anymore. We need to stand united together against the terrorists. Muslims support the whole world in fighting against these evil forces.I just wish for a terror free and peaceful world.

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