FICTION: Coronavirus And The State Of Imagination


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This article was originally submitted by Hanzala Ahmed

During Quarantine, my mind created a whole country, the State of Imagination (SOI). As it’s just what I imagined, don’t take anything seriously. Nothing here is against any profession, at least not against doctors. I can assure you that being a medical student.

May 14, 2021, in the State of Imagination – Still fighting Coronavirus

“Hussain! Get inside! Can’t you see those white-coated people? ” Said Aamina, who was a journalist, to her 21-year-old son.

“I don’t care, mom! We need to stop this! How can anyone occupy our country like that? Can’t we do anything to prevent that?” asked Hussain

“How can you forget what they did for you? Moreover, can’t you see what’s in their hands? Lethal injections! They aren’t a joke,” said Aamina.

Television, radio, mobile signals; everything was shut down. The economy of the State of Imagination (SOI) was at it’s lowest; the government was fighting with Coronavirus and many other viruses which arose in 2019. The viruses although were eradicated, badly affected the economy.

Cheers to the ones who saved us all!

Due to the help of common people, from the elite to the ones living in rural areas, the death toll didn’t go above 1000; thanks to the timely precautionary measures of the government. Songs were being sung, movies directed, and documentaries were being uploaded for the doctors; who were fighting front line against Coronavirus. Not thinking about their lives, but of the people living at homes in ACs.

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As Coronavirus had finally been eradicated, everyone was expecting the economy to get better and thanking God; as they had won the war, but one thing nobody could understand was the hustling for the past two days. Meetings were being arranged in Queen Edward’s Hospital, doctors and paramedic staff were getting invitation calls and there were doctors wearing their overalls on the roads.

And since the morning of 21st May, the doctors were asking people to stay in their homes.

“Mom! The TV signals just came!” said Aamina’s daughter.

Aamina heard the national anthem; she knew what was coming. Her heart started beating and she rushed inside. It was all of it again; she once saw this happening when she was young, those days still had marks on her personality. She just prayed to see the democratically elected PM on the screen, not anybody else.

No matter how the economy was or how much the State of Imagination and the country she loved suffered, all she wanted was the democracy to sustain; all she wanted was for just one Prime minister to complete his tenure.

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The national anthem ended, and she saw MBBS, FCPS, professor Dr X on a seat; behind him was a picture of Founder of the country – her heart skipped a beat.

Dr X then started his speech

بِسمِ اللہِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحِيم

I’m thankful to Allah for letting me talk to the exceptional people of an exceptional nation. By now, you all must know, due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the previous government, we have dissolved the assemblies. We will conduct the next elections within 10 months; during this period the doctors’ community will never let you down. We shall preserve the integrity and sovereignty of this nation. Long live S.O.I.

Within the next four months, several meetings were held in the ‘Democratic’ President’s house; firstly of journalists and then of religious clerics because Dr X knew that they were the first ones the nations listened to.

After the fight with Coronavirus, doctors had already gained massive respect from the common people and to enhance that, movies and documentaries were made; sponsored by the Doctors Community. The next step now was the corporates: as the government authorities were going apparently corrupt, Dr X created several companies; which the Doctors community owned and slowly, they gained more profits than the ones who owned the nation.

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December 2026:
(Five years after Dr X promised unbiased elections)

“Hey, Marwan! They’re not letting me enter your Colony now; can you talk to these guards and tell them that your father is a doctor?” said Hussain to his friend Hamid and handed the phone over to guards.

“Speaking from Dr Jahanzeb’s home. MBBS FCPS Queen Edward’s Medical College. Let him enter,” said Hamid and the guard opened the gate.

Hussain who was now frustrated entered Marwan’s home, sat on his sofa and said:

“Remember the time when we could live with you guys, go to the same schools and enter the restaurants and clubs that you guys go to without giving any contact numbers? When we had the whole city to us? We could go everywhere, man! I still remember those days. Like we were a nation without any division; a mere identity card of the country was enough for us to do anything legal here but now…” Hussain lowered his head and ran his hands through his hair.

Marwan who couldn’t understand his feelings said, “Yeah! But anyone can become a doctor, haha. Usually, the people who can’t do MBBS say this.”

“Sure, let everyone be a doctor. Sounds applicable,” replied Hussain and then said in a sarcastic tone of a news reporter “A nation full of doctors died of hunger because there were no farmers.”

It became evident to Hussain that explaining anything further would be useless, that for the ones getting the benefits, it’s really hard to understand the other side. Still, he couldn’t fight back; he knew what would happen next if he did, so he stood up and left Marwan’s place.

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The year 2031:
(Ten years after Dr X promised unbiased elections)

Dr Y came to Dr X and said, “Although we have full control; over what should be permissible in media or not, still, the situation is going out of our hands. People are coming out on the roads demanding justice; things we promised them 10 years ago. Your life is in danger!”

Dr X advised him to bring the test tube; in which a biologically engineered form of Coronavirus was present. The cure of which still wasn’t available among common people.

Outside on the roads:

A sea of people coming towards Queen Edward’s Hospital; demanding nothing but what was promised to them by their leader years ago, for which their forefathers fought – a democratic state.
“Here is the nation
Demanding justice
That you once promised
That you once promised.” Hussain was chanting and the rest of them following him. An old man, Ahmed was watching him, he went to him and said with tears in his eyes “Oh, my Hussain! Be like Hussain!”.

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