This Designer Dress Costing Rs49,500 Has Women Wondering What’s So Special About It

designer dress costing Rs49500

An old adage goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. When it comes to fashion, the statement often proves to be true. You pay low prices and you get low quality. However, with high-end designer clothing, that old adage often goes south. You pay far more than what you get in return.

There was a recent tweet that left everyone scratching their heads and fuming as someone shared the cost of a plain designer dress that barely has any embellishment on it, at Rs49,500.

Smart people understand that value is about what something is worth, not just what it costs. Spending only a few bucks on clothes that start to fall apart after a few washes is not a bargain.

A naive person might assume that you are getting what you pay for when you buy high-end designer brands. While the fabrics and construction are generally much better than fast fashion, you are mainly paying for marketing. Advertising in big magazines is not cheap, you know.

Would you pay Rs49,5000 for this dress?

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The conglomerates that sell high-end designer brands spend massive amounts of money to convince buyers that their brands are prestigious. That is what you are paying for. Nobody wants to wear clothes that look and feel cheap.

However, paying an arm and a leg on a dress that is the same quality and style as the one you can get for a much lower price is also not too smart. To each his own, we guess.

Some users went on to do the math and calculated what the minimum cost for the same outfit would be.

This made us spit take:

A lil bit details of the dress

“Classic deep red attire adorned with intricate details and minimal embellishments. A perfect pick for any festive event,” as the official website of the brand describes it.

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Well, what can we say? Surprised, but not so surprised since earlier we discovered an airplane-shaped handbag costing more than an actual airplane! Oh yes, you heard that right. Just imagine, it is not even an airplane but just a bag shaped like an airplane for $39,000.

By the way, have you seen the world’s most expensive shoes with diamonds? Daylight robbery is all the rage.

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