‘Women Should Not Be Unnecessarily Featured In Advertisements’ – Maulana Tariq Ashrafi Advises Media

Pakistani media surely fall soon if the religious interfering goes on. Because media is a co-working space where women and men both showcase their talent and skills.

There are boundaries, but no one can put restrictions on anyone or advise them not to include that particular gender.

There has been involvement by religious leaders or members in the media world and tried to overpower it. People thought it would stop in the 21st century, and especially under PM Imran Khan’s government but it’s growing and increasing.

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Recently Maulana Tariq Ashrafi special representative of PM on Religious Harmony joined their fraternity and advised the media not to include women in advertisements.

Now people are in huge debate if there’s cooking ad advertisement who should be doing it? Because mainly our cooking oil ads are based on mothers and their love for cooking.

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According to him, women should not be involved “unnecessarily” in the advertisement. Gender discrimination in media is nothing new for anyone.

Maulana Tariq Ashrafi advises not to include a woman in an advertisement

On Sunday, speaking to the media in Lahore, Maulana Tariq Ashrafi said “despite having so many good-looking men in the country, advertisers still hire women to represent their brands.”

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Maulana Saheb further added, “women should not be unnecessarily featured in advertisements”. He also put some light on the islamophobia rising in foreign countries and we shouldn’t encourage such irrelevant activities.

Tahir Ashrafi says that women should not be “unnecessarily featured in advertisements”

Speaking to the media in Lahore, Ashrafi further said that women should not be “unnecessarily featured in advertisements”, adding that he is against such practices.

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Ashrafi also shed light on other important matters and said that upon the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan is internationally combating the rise of Islamophobia.

“For this purpose, the government has started reaching out to different Islamic scholars across the globe,” Ashrafi said, adding that those who have been posting blasphemous content on websites have been taken into custody.

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He also talked about the growing sexual crimes in the country and said that perpetrators must be sentenced to harsh punishments as these crimes cannot be ignored. “The ulema has a role to play in eradicating obscenity, terrorism, and extremism from the country,” Ashrafi said.

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That’s not the first time such stuff happened, even every year in Aurat March activists and even actresses get threatened. Just like last year when the Taliban threatened the Aurat March organizers.

It’s always been women who dragged in such debate and religious scholars play their card to eliminate women from the Pakistani media.

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