All Pakistani Women Who Have Been Feeling Low On Self-Esteem

All Pakistani Women Who Have Been Feeling Low On Self-Esteem Need To See This For Confidence!

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The patriarchal system in Pakistan has been around since its inception. Actually, it has been around in the sub-continent forever, even before this country was born. The system practically pushes women down and considers them as second-class citizens among men.

However, in the 21st century, the voices of women have started to join together. It seems that something is about to happen, but it is just not there yet. The claim of women empowerment is valid and is one that is exercised all over the world, except Pakistan and some other Muslim countries. The stereotype has started to change and women have started to speak up for themselves.



This is what one girl had to say about women empowerment and its need in Pakistan!

“Read an article that more and more single Pakistani women are moving abroad in the pursuit of a better life. While I relate with their sentiments with every cell of my being, I find it so incredibly tragic as to how you rejected the girl who was 27 and unmarried, the one who lived alone, the divorcee and the one who couldn’t give birth. The one who struggled against all odds for a career in tv, the one who got home at midnight, the one you ‘raped with your eyes’ daily, the one who danced in public and the one who slammed you against your misogynistic bullsh*t.



We give you birth, we boost half your economy, we teach and feed and raise your children, we fly your planes, entertain your brains and there’s nothing that you can do that we cannot!

So f*cking shame on you for your insults and pretences, For the dusky beauty you called “kaali“, the comic you called a “bhaand“, the actress you shamed a “g*shti”, the teacher you called a “kutti“, the education activist you blamed a “traitor”, the wife you slammed a “lambi zabaan“, the entrepreneur you called “mardaana“, the nurse you called “lower class”, the trans-ladies that you consider “animals” and for the social media starlet that you killed.



We will use your hate as fuel and we will RISE- as we do. God made us platinum solid. Don’t forget that your entire being came from us!

Dedicated to all my strong lady warriors, my trans soul sisters and my wonderful male friends who understand the importance of respecting and supporting us. You’re all in my heart, keep marching strong.

I love you”

To our ever so strong women, not everybody wants to put you down. We love, adore and respect you – keep growing, more power to you!

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