90-Year-Old Goes To Supreme Court Over Not Being Given ‘Haq Mehr’ Even After 75 Years Of Marriage

woman demands haq mehr

Saeedah Sultan, an elderly woman from Peshawar has filed an appeal in the apex court for her Haq Mehr. The 90-year-old has moved the Supreme Court (SC) to get her Haq Mehr by her husband which is still to be given after 75 years of marriage.

According to Saeedah, she was married at the age of 15. After 75 years of marriage, she still had not received her Haq Mehr which is a 3-Kanal and 10-marla of land. Saeedah claims the land is on her name and her husband has also passed away.

90-Year-Old wants her ‘Haq Mehr

A three-member SC bench heard the Haq Mehr case and Justice Mushir Alam of the Supreme Court headed the bench.

In its remarks, the bench said it could send the Haq Mehr, or it could expunge the appeal application. The SC bench later asked some time to think about the case.

Petitioner Saeedah Sultan’s lawyer took a stand in the court that her client’s right of Haq Mehr was 3-Kanal and 10-marla of land. Furthermore, even though she owns the land, she could not take it.

Meanwhile, Saeedah’s counsel said that a fake report in regard to the grant of the Haq Mehr was presented in the past, even though multiple courts had given verdicts in her favor.

Meanwhile, the SC later adjourned the hearing until November.

Will I get justice at the age of 200? Asks Saeedah Sultan

The woman is from Peshawar and seems fed up with the courts and the justice system of Pakistan. The elderly woman told media outside the SC that her marriage took place when she was only 15.

“I am 90 years old, but I could not get my Haq Mehr. The case has been pending in various courts since 1970,” said the old woman.

The woman added, “I could not get possession of the land given in Mehr. In 2010, a fake report was submitted to the court regarding the seizure of me.”

“Now if, I go back to the Sessions Court, will I get justice at the age of 200? All of us have sisters and daughters considering this do justice to me as well.”

Haq Mehr is the right of the wife. Islam the religion of peace, gives utmost importance to the Mehr. The Encyclopaedia of Islam on Haq Mehr says, “According to a tradition in Bukhari, the mahr is an essential condition for the legality of the marriage: ‘Every marriage without mahr is null and void’.”

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