Women Constables Kick, Slap Poor Women At Ehsaas Cash Center

faisalabad female police misbehave

A day after a woman in Multan lost her life in a stampede during one of the Prime Minister’s Ehsaas Cash Distribution program. Female police constables were recorded today misbehaving with women in public, during the Ehsaas Cash Distribution program, Faisalabad.

The Faisalabad Incident

Owing to the official announcements, women hailing from financially poor backgrounds, were to receive money under the barrier of Ehsaas cash distribution program.

In spite of catering to the obligatory needs of these poor women. Female police constables present at the site started thrashing them badly. They kicked, slapped and misbehaved with poor women who were there waiting to get the cash through the Ehsaas program. The irony is when one of the female constables justifies her actions to the reporter, saying, “It is for their own benefit.”

Sadly, this is the level, people responsible for protecting us are stooping up to. In times of such crisis, where poor people like these are suffering from the economic meltdown. It is our responsibility to make sure that, through the Ehsaas Program, these people get the money for their basic dire necessities.

Ehsaas Program: A relief or problem?

As per moto of Special Assistant to PM Imran Khan, this program will be responsible for helping out the daily wagers, suffering from lack of money. Through the SMS service on 8171, the government will be distributing Rs. 12,000 cash grant to the needy.

faisalabad female police misbehave

Image: Samaa

However, in light of the current events, tweets highlighting issues related to the Ehsaas program have been circulating a lot. People have been pondering over the fact that how can one benefit from this program if he/she doesn’t have access to a smartphone. Many of them are still confused. As to whether they have to be physically present at the registration offices or do it online. For hinterlands, the SMS service is seemingly farfetched, due to the lack of network facilities being available.

Apart from all this, the government hasn’t been able to maintain discipline amongst the crowd coming for funds. Speaking of which, lately, a woman in Multan, lost her life in a stampede during one of the cash distribution activities.

It is not wrong to say that the contemporaneous coronavirus pandemic has altered many paradigms of our lives. With every person living a peaceful and wholesome life, to a fearing every moment, for what lies ahead of him. The coronavirus has certainly caused catastrophic mayhem for us.


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