These Women Beat the Hell Out of the Fake “Peer” They Caught and It is Actually Quite Fitting

In the earlier days during the advent of Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims who had queries related to the religion went to the Prophet and his companions to seek advice. With the Quran and Sunnah, the religious personalities guided the Ummah and helped them reach their goals. Essentially, the guidance of the preacher designated by the Supreme Almighty was respected and followed by the Ummah.

In this current era, things are different. The Muslims around the world, especially in Pakistan, have their own maulvis and peer who give them different ‘Dum-Darood‘ and other superstitious elements which make the Ummah believe it will do the trick.

While Your Concern Maybe Genuine, These Peers Aren’t

A lot of times we have heard stories of how fake peers and mullahs are in this ‘business’ just for the sake of money. They charge a lump sum fee from those who are seeking genuine help and guidance. They take advantage of the vulnerability of those who are in trouble and wish to change their ways through Islamic teachings.

The earlier days, the Prophet and his companions took no money for helping out the Muslims brothers and sisters, then why do we pay these “genuine” Islamic preachers?

These Women Caught the Fake Peer and Fittingly, They Taught him the Lesson he Deserves

One woman shared how she went to the peer to get Islamic guidance and ‘taveez‘ regarding pregnancy. The peer told her he needs money, around 5 lac rupees. The woman sold her gold and tried to make up for the money. When she went to the peer, he asked her to take off her clothes because according to him, if her husband couldn’t give her a child, he would do it by having intercourse with her.

The women present on the scene taught him a lesson.

They slapped him and beat him with their shoes till he collapsed on the floor. They took the money he had on him and insulted him in the worse possible manner. The helpless fake peer couldn’t defend himself, neither did anyone come to drag him out of the brawl.

Here’s the Video of What Happened:

People need to stop confusing saqda with the price of these activities conducted by peers. In Islam, there is no concept of “buying” these services.

If the peer advice you to make food and distribute among the poor, that’s another thing. But if he is telling you to fill his pockets, something is definitely wrong there.

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