Women At Tabiyat.pk(MedznMore) Celebrate Women’s Day With A Twist

Women At Tabiyat.pk(MedznMore) Celebrate Women’s Day With A Twist

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Tabiyat.pk, a leading health-tech startup took a unique twist in honoring women this women’s day. The Women’s Day campaign on their social media platforms is centered on how women are stronger when they support each other with the hashtag #auratauratkidosthai.

Through this campaign, the brand aims to empower the women of Pakistan to support each other and stick together. Additionally, the company organized a unique activity for its female workforce by organizing a pilates class & morning workout session at the Body Lab.

The pilates workout at Body Lab went along with the theme of women supporting each other since Body Lab is a female-owned pilates studio with only female instructors.

Source: Tabiyat.Pk

Additionally, the health tech brand wanted the female employees to focus on their health & wellbeing so that they are refreshed for the day.

Tabiyat.pk, a leading health-tech startup started its operations in September 2020 & has delivered to hundreds of thousands of customers across Pakistan.

They have invested heavily in building a replicable infrastructure with a purpose-built temperature-controlled warehouse, technology stack focused on just-in-time medicine inventory, integrated supply chain, and an AI-powered logistics solution.

Stephanie Felix (Creative Associate, tabiyat.pk) mentioned “The women’s day event felt very refreshing and it felt nice doing something different than the usual routine.

The maximum I was expecting was a gift basket on women’s day but truly felt pampered and energized after the pilates workout. I’m glad we are breaking the stereotypes & doing unique activities to celebrate women”.

As time progresses & more women break barriers in Pakistan, more companies need to join the bandwagon of providing powerful campaigns that celebrate women & value their own workforce in a unique way.

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