WATCH: Badtameez Woman Openly Threatens Male Staff With Fake ‘Harassment’ Case


Doubtlessly, the impact of the #metoo movement has been a net positive all across Pakistan. Followed by women feeling empowered to share their stories, knowing that the right action would be taken. However, there is also a dark side of this, as shown by a woman who threatened some men with false accusations.

In times when harassment and rape cases are at their peak in our country, a woman chose to use the woman card, and threaten some innocent men of filing a case of false harassment allegations just because of some minor inconvenience that too, was due to her fault.

It can be easy to dismiss the concerns surrounding false harassment allegations, as many people have. They say we must believe all women. Apparently, if men do not do anything wrong, they have nothing to worry about. They are asked to check their ‘male privilege’.

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More so, when false allegations do happen, the cost of their careers and reputations is a price that comes along with it. Some people ruin some innocent men’s life in favor of the movement. Although no false harassment case has been filed yet, here is an example of such a case.

Video of the woman threatening the staff with a harassment case

At Thokar Niaz Baig station, this woman took out all the anger on the staff of the bus company for getting off the bus due to her mistake. 

According to the details, she had booked a bus seat for another city from Thokar Niaz Beg terminal in Lahore. However, she could not reach the terminal on time, and the bus left.

It can be seen in the video that the woman unjustifiably threatened the staff of the bus company that she would now file a case of harassment against the staff members. Just because she missed the bus. That too, due to her own fault. After the staff convinced the lady of her mistake, she began playing the woman card.

Misuse of harassment allegations

According to Daewoo’s rules, if a passenger books a seat online, he or she must arrive at the terminal half an hour before the departure of the vehicle and pay for the ticket. Otherwise, before the bus leaves, the seat is given to another passenger and the bus is dispatched on time.

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After the video surfaced on social media, it gave a rise to a heated discussion. Without any doubt, if a woman can threaten to file a harassment case on such a minor issue of a bus leaving, then she can take advantage of being a woman by filing a case on anything.

This is exactly how the word ‘harassment’ gets exploited and families get disrupted as the false charge opens up its malice.

Needless to say, such baseless allegations mar the credibility of genuine cases of harassment where an assaulter trespasses his limits and assaults a woman.

On Saturday, a video had gone viral on the Internet showing the incident of sexual harassment. A top Pakistani bank’s employee was caught on video groping a woman, and people were quick to blame the victim.

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