WATCH: Woman Talking On The Phone Falls Into A Manhole Along With Her Baby

woman falls into manhole

Bumping into walls, falling down the stairs, or tripping over while being on phone is nothing new. In the past, many such videos of people became a viral sensation. But a recent similar incident left us thunderstruck as a woman holding her nine-month-old baby falls into an uncovered manhole while distracted by her mobile phone. 

People can no longer seem to walk down a street or just anywhere without their eyes firmly locked on their smartphones. At this point, we are all the same. Be it walking while looking at something on phone, replying to a text, or perhaps picking what music to play, we have all done it.

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If you put your phone firmly in your pocket, you should definitely pat yourself on the back. But for the rest of us, one unanswered question lingers: How dangerous is what we are doing?

Many people have gotten hurt simply because of not handling their texting obsession and doing other tasks at the same time. It eventually leads to serious accidents.

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One such awful incident was recently captured on CCTV. It showed a woman falling into a manhole along with her nine-month-old baby. Why, you ask? Well, she was too busy talking on the phone to see the manhole in front of her. The shocking incident took place in Faridabad in the Indian state of Haryana.

Luckily, no one was injured. Both were quickly rescued by the bystanders. The footage shows one man descending into the manhole to get the mother and baby out, while another man holds his hand to help him. Meanwhile, more worried onlookers gather as the baby is pulled out first. As they lift out the mother, she immediately rushes to check on her baby.

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Can you see the tall advertising sign? The woman literally walked around it and falls into the manhole. This is exactly the kind of danger we were talking about earlier.

You must avoid talking, walking, or doing anything while you are texting or doing whatever on your phone. You can use it when you are in a standstill position or sitting down. Most accidents can be prevented if cellphone users simply back off their phones when walking.

But oh boy, some of us are so addicted to our cellphones that we take them to the bathroom as well. While it may help pass time more conveniently, it can be quite dangerous for many reasons.

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