This Woman’s Badass Comeback To Sexist Remarks Of Her Co-worker Will Simply Make Your Day

It’s 2017 and we are still dealing with sexism on a professional level. It is unbelievable because it does not relate to competition among people rather discrimination on such ridiculous terms that boggles the mind. A working environment that breeds competition among staff is healthy for any organization. However, there are certain loopholes of our society that tend to surface every now and then when people are competing for objectives. One of the major problems is the brooding sexism in corporate culture. If you are a woman who is eager to climb the corporate ladder, you will face a heap of censures revolving around nothing but your sex.


Source: IBTimes UK

What really happens is that every bit of criticism is stretched by and revolves around only one thing: a woman’s gender. You failed to deliver a good presentation because you’re a woman. You couldn’t correspond well with the client because you’re a woman. You made a typo in your article draft because you’re a woman. You came late to work because you’re a woman. You don’t deserve an appraisal because you’re a woman. Such are the level of stereotypes and it goes on… In another incident, a woman faced criticism from a co-worker on the basis of nothing but sexism. It happened to Azita after she got a deserved promotion at her workplace. She had a conversation with her male co-worker who believes he rather deserves the promotion and the reason being: the position is more suited to a man.

Here’s the conversation between Azita and her co-worker unfolded:

These messages were sent by her co-worker:


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And here’s a badass reply from Azita to shut him up


*shots fired*


Well, just as you would boil up with the apprehension about what that guy had to say, Azita’s reply puts a smile on your face. He does not even make sense to a single bit. It’s so ridiculous that every man would end up with a facepalm. She did not yield to his stupid reasons and simply taught him a great, great lesson. In a tweet, Azita mentioned more about how this man bothers her in other ways. Here’s what the tweet reads:

He used to make islamophobic comments about me/my family on a daily basis, that’s the only reason I even mentioned whiteness.

“Until then, your analysis report is due tomorrow. See you then” AWEEEESOMMMMNESSSSSSS

Be careful all the sexists out there; people like Azita have the best thing for you. Congratulations to her on getting promoted.

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