Mother Of Two Gang-Raped In Front Of Children On Motorway – Public Demands Justice!

mother gang raped children motorway

One brutality after another. With every dawn, a new story or misery awaits to be told. A woman whose identity is being kept hidden by the police became a victim of a brutal tragedy. She was a mother of two children who was gang raped at Lahore motorway, when will this stop?

This woman was stranded on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway, as her car was facing fuel shortage issues. Upon which, she called her relatives. While waiting for them in the car with her children.

Stranded and alone, she even called the motorway police helpline, where she was told by the operator that assistance could not be provided as no one is assigned the emergency beat as of now!

Two armed men ambushed her and broke the car windows while holding them on gunpoint. Apart from stealing stuff from this poor woman, they also dragged her out of the car and her children and took her to a nearby field.

Here the poor woman was gang-raped; that too in front of her children. The thought of such a tragic and brutal harassment and abuse has shook every Pakistani to the core.

What has become of humanity?

Simultaneously, just the thought of how children of that mother are going to be traumatized for life seeing her get gang raped on the motorway is not only heartbreaking and devastating, rather it gives in to the element of helplessness.

In addition, the victim informs the police that the men stole up to Rs. 100,000, all her ATM cards, and some jewelry from her before they fled the scene.

The minute the news hit social media different theories have been afloat. Finally, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar took to Twitter to mention that this poor woman will get the justice she deserves.

Netizens demand Public Hanging for rapists!

Netizens are demanding to make the punishment of public hanging must be made legal in Pakistan. It is the severity of the crime that must be punished equally.

Some people are also demanding the government to take strict action against the oppressors!

While many are calling out the incompetence and loose system that we have.

It is sad to see how no one is safe, regardless of their gender or age! The poor woman and her children have not only lost their valuables, but they have been deprived of peace forever. No power on earth can give them what these horrible men stole from them!

From raping a minor girl Marwah, to killing a transgender activist and now this! Where has humanity fled off too? Or is it truly the era of the end? Perhaps, the time for our judgment is very near!

Furthermore, what makes it worse is this isn’t the first time such brutality has occurred and we hope to Allah it to be the last. With respect to how things have transpired, it is time the government makes sure that rapists be punished with ‘public hanging’!

We hope that this poor woman gets the justice she deserves. Above all, we hope that rapists get punished for their crimes with the same severity the crime is committed!

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